Omata Speedometer

Omata One structure

World’s first analogue GPS bike speedometer. On the inside, Omata Speedometer tracks everything with the same high level of precision that the best cycling computers do. On the outside, it’s not only beautifully crafted, it shows the stuff that really matters out there: speed, distance, ascent and time.


Vision to reality

Guys in Omata came to us with a pretty clear vision of what they wanted. Something “old school”, focus on every design detail, the best materials and great user experience.

omata haltian reference 1024x576 1


Combining variety of knowledge in product development

We needed to take a deep dive to learn about motors, their drivers and delicate premium watch type of small moving parts. On top of that we added our best knowledge from mechanics, electronics, antenna, RF and software design to create a unique product that has never been done before to such a small and delicate package.

We have had the benefit and pleasure of collaborating with Haltian for a number of years in our previous companies, so it was a straightforward decision to continue our collaboration at the outset of OMATA. It’s very simple, Haltian is a world class product development team with a No-Bullshit approach and endless creativity. We trust Haltian to deliver on our ambition to create modern precision instruments.

Rhys Newman, Founder, OMATA


Gorgeous precision instruments

Omata MK1 came out to look just stunning and already had a lot of functionality that the final product was about to have. Guys in Omata started marketing and a Kickstarter campaign to reveal this great product and to collect funding to complete it.

Designing Omata One

What is the Haltian way of product design?

Creating something new takes courage, experience, and seamless teamwork. With those ingredients you can get an award-winning smart device, not just a nice one!

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