QuietOn – Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Person sleeping with QuietOn noise cancelling headphones

QuietOn earplugs reduce noise to create silence. No wires, comfortable to use and easy to carry.


Creating world-class headphones

First-class noise reduction in a comfortable form factor, outstanding performance and beautiful industrial design.

Person holding QuietOn headphones in hand.


Small and wireless for user benefit

QuietOn’s active noice cancelling technology cuts down annoying low frequency noises. The device needed to be wire-free and small enough to fit in the ear, easy to carry and with a long battery life.

With Haltian’s holistic experience of the device concept creation we were able to find solutions for superior user experience in comfort, performance and outstanding industrial design. It was really easy to work with the experienced Haltian team. Customer’s needs were addressed but in the same time Haltian made sure that solution was manufacturable and delivered on time. Just great work!

Janne Kyllönen, Product Director, COB, QuietOn


Delivering the whole package

Haltian acted as a technology partner for developing the concept and functional prototypes. Key areas in the development were the wide analysis of the ear anatomy for the perfect shape, as well as finding ways to make the technology even smaller and reliable without compromising the performance, and the best shape and materials for acoustic performance. Additionally, the small charger/carry box was created to complete the user experience.

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