Senop hyperspectral camera

Read about Haltian and Senop's product design co-operation with Senop HSC-2 Hyperspectral camera
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Senop hyperspectral imaging

Senop Oy is a trusted provider of advanced optronic solutions for the defence and industrial markets.

Senop Optronics´s product range consists of high-performance night vision goggles and night sights, modular imaging systems, frame-based hyperspectral cameras, multifunctional observation and surveillance systems, and intelligent thermal sights as well as electro-optical components and high-precision custom optics.


Small but powerful hyperspectral camera

Traditional hyperspectral imaging devices have several kilos of equipment that are expensive and complicated to use. Senop came to Haltian with an idea of a hyperspectral camera that would be extremely fast, accurate, and small so that it could be, for example, flown with drones. In other words, the camera would be optimized for air imaging, making it a great tool for agriculture and forestry applications. While Senop knew optics and hyperspectral imaging. They needed a hardware partner that could productize their idea.


From concept to production

The project started with a concept phase, where plans of functionality, design, and production were made. Senop had a prototype that needed to be productized and designed for mass production.

The productization phase included mechanics, UI design, and software. Haltian hardware and mechanics teams worked together with Senop optics in creating an accurate and fast hyperspectral imaging device. A small but powerful device heated up easily and heating design was one of the most challenging parts of the project. Design choices were made to keep the camera from overheating, by choosing the right materials to deduct heat.

All in all, the product design project included:

  • Circuit board design
  • Mechanics design
  • UI design
  • Device and PC software
  • FPGA interface


Groundbreaking hyperspectral imaging

Senop HSC-2  hyperspectral camera is fast and small. The camera’s speed and small size make it ideal for air imaging and it is used for food and product quality inspection, as well as agriculture, forestry, and water research.

The camera was designed to be future proof and the concept can be developed and features added.

The project was done in close co-operation with the customer; different teams working together in perfecting the design and making a groundbreaking hyperspectral imaging device.

senop hyperspectral camera product design partner

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