The future of Smart Buildings: Tieto case

Haltian and TietoEVRY have a global co-operation on TietoEVRY Empathic Building solution.
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Update: Empathic Building is now a part of Haltian Smart Building Solutions

The co-operation with TietoEVRY and Haltian has been in the making for a long time. Haltian provides TietoEVRY with Thingsee IoT Solution Suite for their Empathic Building service.

TietoEVRY Empathic Building is a smart building solution that helps users to feel happier, more inspired and perform better. The goal of Empathic Building is to use smart technologies to make buildings more human-centric by understanding workspaces, meeting rooms and user behavior, and by making finding workspaces, equipment and colleagues easier.


Flexible and scalable solution

When Tieto’s office started to move from traditional, dedicated seating arrangement to activity-based working, a workshop was set up to find out people’s problems and issues with activity-based working and find solutions to these issues. As a result, a visualization solution was created to make finding workspaces, meeting rooms, and other equipment easier.

To start scaling their solution, Tieto (now TietoEVRY) needed an IoT device provider with a secure and scalable IoT solutions, wireless IoT sensor devices and the flexibility to create new solutions to different needs.

TietoEVRY Empathic Building Smart Office solution IoT data visualisation
Empathic Building includes s digital twin of the space


Close collaboration makes sure the client’s needs are matched

Haltian provides TietoEVRY with sensor solutions that enable the visualisation of data on the working conditions and the utilization rate of different assets such as work desks and meeting rooms. The solution includes Haltian Thingsee ENVIRONMENT and Thingsee PRESENCE sensor devices, as well as gateway devices for secure and scalable data flow. Thingsee ENVIRONMENT sensors are used to monitor the environmental conditions of office spaces, such as temperature and humidity, and the Thingsee PRESENCE sensors are used to monitor work desk and phone booth occupancy, as well as meeting room usage.

Setting up the sensors has been made extremely straight forward and the devices are delivered to the customer pre-connected to the service. This way the setup of the smart building solution is easy, fast and cost-efficient.

“We chose Haltian as our partner because they are able to provide us with a comprehensive solution and because Haltian’s Thingsee service includes options for different usage scenarios. Empathic Building is a fast-developing business function, and flexible partners such as Haltian facilitate international scaling of our business”

Tomi Teikko, Head of Tieto Empathic Building service


Real time smart building data for Tieto

The core of the service is a browser-based application that helps the person in a multi-room environment find the best facilities for each task. Real-time data from sensors can be imported to the application to show the booking state, temperature, noise level – and even the location of colleagues – within the facilities. The application also provides the user with the opportunity to influence the administration and development of the facilities by supporting interaction between different agents. The administrator can create better work environments by comparing the feedback with the information collected by the sensors.

The Empathic Building service is in use in Finland, Norway and Sweden and TietoEVRY is now expanding to international markets.

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