Smart facility management solution in North America with Trax Analytics

Read how Trax Analytics and Haltian work together in smart facility management to provide the best possible user experiences
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Using IoT helps coordinate facility management staff to meet demands while ensuring excellent user experiences and improved hygiene levels. The solution will be widely used in places such as airports, sporting venues and corporate facilities.

The use of IoT technology to support facility management is on the rise: according to research done by Verdantix, COVID-19 has driven 47% of firms to accelerate digitization in their operations. Facility management companies and property owners are constantly looking for new ways to provide the best possible user experience while keeping their operations efficient. This very reason is why TRAX Analytics has partnered with IoT expert, Haltian, to provide a new smart facility management solution for washrooms and facilities, which includes measuring the fill rates of paper and towel dispensers, visitor counting, occupancy information and air quality monitoring. Haltian delivers IoT data to the TRAX® Analytics’ platform and mobile application by using Haltian’s Thingsee IoT platform that consists of sensors, gateways, cellular connectivity, and cloud-based device management software.

For Haltian, the partnership is an important step towards the US market. “We are extremely happy to work with TRAX Analytics, a partner who understands the value of utilizing data in facility management.” Pasi Leipälä, Haltian CEO, comments. “With this partnership, we’re expecting to grow our presence in the US market in the coming years. We have built a unique out-of-box IoT experience that can be deployed easily anywhere in the World”, Leipälä concludes.

According to Leipälä, the best possible IoT solutions are often ones the end-user does not see at all. In the TRAX Analytics smart washroom solution, Haltian’s wireless, battery-operated IoT devices can be installed inside paper towel dispensers and doorways with great flexibility, where they then can send data to the TRAX Analytics platform. “While this kind of solution makes the work of cleaners and facility management a lot easier and more efficient, the visitors rarely know it’s there and can simply enjoy a clean and always stocked washroom without a worry.” Leipälä continues.

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Using data to drive facility management ensures high customer satisfaction and creates savings

Using this solution, TRAX Analytics’ customers can make their facility management an efficient and high-quality process. The facility management staff can get mobile notifications of cleaning and filling needs, check off completed tasks, manage inventory, and get valuable insight into how and when their spaces are used.

“Facility management utilizes IoT data to create a data-driven cleaning process and help coordinate staff to meet their demands. Our system is being used by facility management companies to document and indicate proof of service by monitoring staff activity”, Patrick Trevino, TRAX Analytics VP of Sales and Marketing says.

The cleanliness of public places has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and user experiences. “Customers are paying more attention to the cleanliness of restrooms more than ever. Our clients have surveyed how the cleanliness of restrooms and customer spending can be directly correlated with the facilities’ cleanliness.  The effect on your experience is immediate”, Trevino continues. “Of course, the demands for even higher levels of cleanliness and hygiene have risen during COVID, and our customers want to make sure their facilities are always clean and safe”.

TRAX Analytics has several modules that connect directly with Haltian IoT products. TRAX and Haltian have seen a rising demand for their products in all types of venues from airports and mass transit, to sporting venues and corporate real estate facilities. “Our customers are looking to collect data to help with decision making. Customers are turning to the TRAX solution to help develop cleaning routines that align with the enhanced cleaning processes.” Patrick Trevino comments. “What we love about Haltian’s Thingsee IoT platform is its ease of installation and use. It really helps our business scale when IoT data is reliable and available regardless of where our customers are located.”

Easy to use and scalable IoT solutions are on demand

When it comes to large scale IoT solutions, ease of use and high scalability are the two most important things for customers.  “TRAX has partnered with Haltian for their IoT devices, due to the accuracy and durability of the Haltian IoT products. Haltian devices are quick and easy to deploy for all of our customer base and allow for our customers to scale with technology”, Trevino comments the partnership.

TRAX has partnered with Haltian for their IoT devices, due to the accuracy and durability of the Haltian IoT products. Haltian devices are quick and easy to deploy for all of our customer base and allow for our customers to scale with technology

Patrick Trevino, TRAX Analytics VP of Sales and Marketing