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Read how Haltian IoT sensor data enriches Steerpath smart offices and campus solutions
IoT Smart office and campus customer case with Steerpath

Steerpath solutions include interactive 3D campus maps, indoor positioning, employee mobile apps and IoT analytics – all integrated into one easy to deploy enterprise platform.

With Steerpath, facility CAD drawings are easily converted into colorful online maps. Steerpath acts as a real-time data platform that provides visibility and map-centric tools for enterprise management, employees, and visitors. Google-style maps, with indoor positioning, enable turn-by-turn wayfinding, global to local zooming, and search and find capabilities. IoT devices, such as Haltian occupancy sensors, can be integrated into the Steerpath platform, to support visualizing real-time data on floor plan maps. On top of its mapping platform, Steerpath platform includes mobile booking tools for office desks and rooms, colleague finding, employee feedback, and workspace analytics for office occupancy and utilization.

Haltian and Steerpath collaboration started when Steerpath was seeking a new occupancy sensor solution that was the easiest and quickest to install with mesh connectivity in corporate offices.


Where to find an easy to use wireless IoT device?

Office occupancy and utilization analytics have emerged as one of the critical applications for corporate management. It requires the deployment of occupancy sensors in rooms and desks, and connectivity to cloud analytics, dashboards, and mapping.

When Steerpath started searching for a partner that provided occupancy sensors, the primary criteria was to select a reliable and accurate device that was easy to deploy with no onsite configuration needed. Also, mesh connectivity was considered important so that the number of gateways on the installation sites could be minimized. The devices were also required to be wireless and have years of battery life for the lowest possible maintenance needs.

Steerpath customer case: smart building and smart office applications
Steerpath applications


IoT occupancy sensors with reliable delivery and easy deployment

For Steerpath, the winning solution was Haltian IoT occupancy sensors. “For us, the most important things were the reliable and flexible delivery and easy deployment,” says Tuomas Ilola, CEO of Steerpath. “To make our customers happy, the reliability and easiness of IoT solutions must be at a world-class level.”

Steerpath uses Thingsee PRESENCE IoT occupancy sensors, which monitor the occupancy of work desks and meeting rooms. Steerpath captures the sensor data into its cloud database for analytics and reporting. For example, all the information from one room or floor, either real-time or for any given time period, can be seen and visualized and analyzed on the Steerpath cloud platform.

For us, the most important things were the reliable and flexible delivery and easy deployment

Tuomas Ilola, CEO, Steerpath


Better user experiences with smart solutions

Steerpath solutions are used in offices, hospitals and campus areas for easy guidance, room and workstation booking and efficient space usage. Steerpath customers include Helsinki University Hospital, Aalto University Campus, Senate Properties, and many more.
Together with Haltian IoT sensors, Steerpath can create a better user experience in smart offices with reliable IoT data.

We have always received a rapid response to our question from Haltian, including excellent support in both business and technical issues.

Tuomas Ilola, CEO, Steerpath

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