Snowfox Trackerphone

Snowfox is a small portable trackerphone with a sensitive inbuilt location tracking and voice call. A smart way to stay connected with your loved ones.
Magenta Snowfox Trackerphone in hand

Snowfox is a small portable trackerphone with a sensitive inbuilt location tracking and voice call functionality. It’s a smart way to stay connected with your loved ones, be it kids or the elderly. Its user interface is simple and intuitive and it’s designed to support active family life. The device has up to one week of battery life with a single charge, depending on use. Snowfox trackerphone helps you stay connected to your loved ones easily and on the go.


We wanted to create a high performance locator which is also a phone. A trackerphone which is easy to use, reliable, with a long battery life, durable, ready to go from the sales box and light to carry.

Snowfox geofence interface


The matchbox-sized, easy-to-carry trackerphone maps its wearer in real time in addition to letting you reach them by calling. A simple one-button control on the device prompts notifications and call requests to family members, who can monitor their loved ones through a free smartphone app that offers various map views, location history, and event timeline. With Snowfox trackerphone you can create places and get automated notifications when trackerphone enters or leaves a specified location. Family members and friends can be added as guardians in the app, thus creating a connected circle of care.

Two Snowfox devices and platforms for Android and iOS displayed


Our expertise in wireless HW design ensures that Snowfox trackerphone is durable, and can withstand even the most active day. World-class connectivity features help families keep connected all the time. The industrial design of the device makes it appealing to people of all ages. The trackerphone also has a pre-installed SIM card already inside, so it’s easy to take into use.

I like the device a lot, it helps me feel much more secure about my child’s wellbeing. At first I couldn’t believe how small it was! My daughter immediately started taking it wherever she went, we never had to make sure she had it with her. After the test, she didn’t even want to give it back, she was so pleased with it.

Mother of a five-year-old girl, after testing the device

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