Specim IQ – mobile hyperspectral camera

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Specim IQ, next-gen camera allows you to analyse materials, anywhere, in an instant. It’s the world’s first mobile hyperspectral camera that provides endless possibilities to reveal what’s inside.


Creating a portable hyper spectral camera

There has been hyperspectral imaging before, but you needed various heavy equipment to be dragged to the site. You also would’ve waited for hours, if not days, to get the results in from the analysis.

Specim wanted to create a single portable device that allows imaging and results processing on a single device in an instant.

Specim IQ on a white background


Taking hyperspectral imaging to the next level

Haltian co-operated on the design and engineering of the Specim IQ software, hardware and Specim IQ Studio.

Backside of the Specim IQ, mobile hyper spectral camera


Delivering instant, on-site analysis

The Specim IQ camera instantly delivers the analysis you want, right on-site. This hasn’t been possible before. In a nutshell, the camera sorts out many former issues about material analysis.

Specim IQ solves many of the pressing problems in the world. Take devastating crop diseases or fake food, for example. Or fake medicine. You get to spot foreign substances in food or plant diseases in crops in seconds. And if you spot affected plants, you only need to apply chemical on those areas, not the whole crop as was done before. This enables crop optimization and saves chemicals and environment. Specim IQ also helps alleviate the disruption caused by much talked about food forgery business.

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Designing Omata One

What is the Haltian way of product design?

Creating something new takes courage, experience, and seamless teamwork. With those ingredients you can get an award-winning smart device, not just a nice one!

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