We can keep it secret!

Customers trust us with secret and mission-critical projects. Get a high-level overview of selected speciality-demanding projects.

Outside of our public references, our customers value privacy and we respect their will. Therefore most of our projects are highly confidential, with state-of-the-art products as a result. Our customers trust us to keep their secrets, and we allow them to shine. We focus on working in the background to provide them with the best possible products.

Secret sauce

We are the secret sauce behind the brands you know and love. Our holistic approach to product development allows our customers to shine with their brands, and we stay undercover.

On this page, you get a high-level overview of selected top-secret, specialty-demanding disciplines we have worked with.

A person using a tactical communication device on the field

Tactical devices

We at Haltian have strong expertise in advanced tactical devices and communication equipment development.

All tactical devices and services are always custom developed per clients’ requirements and meet the toughest standards, e.g. RF and antenna performance engineering and compliance expertise regarding MIL, CE and FCC requirements.

A person working in a high-security environment

High-security devices

We have long-term experience and the capability to create truly high-security devices.

End-to-end encryption, cyber security and physical security, such as IP69x, are nothing new to us, and you can trust us to create the most secure solution for your needs.

People walking to offices of large corporations and distinctive brands.

Large corporations & distinctive brands

Large corporations and distinctive brands widely use our expertise. We boost corporations’ innovation departments and keep our projects secret.

We let them shine and stay working on the background. You’ll never know we created something you use every day.

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