Benefits of employee experience

benefits of employee experince

Benefits of Employee experience (EX) can be hard to measure and difficult to improve, as employee experience is defined as “the sum of perceptions that employees have about the organisation they are employed under.”

Nevertheless, modern companies are putting more and more effort into understanding and improving their employee experience, why? In this article, we listed 5 benefits of employee experience:

Increased engagement, better performance, attracting and keeping the best talent, increased innovation and better customer experiences.

benefits of a good employee experience

1. Increased engagement

Engaged employees feel an emotional connection to their jobs, are willing to go the extra mile and will uphold and promote your company brand. This is first of the benefits of employee experience.

2. Better performance

Increased performance is one of the great benefits of employee experience that goes along with employee engagement. When employees are engaged with their workplace, their productivity and motivation increases, which can be seen as direct results in performance and efficiency of work. A research has shown that in the US employee disengagement costs up to 550 billion a year in lost productivity.

3. Attract and keep the best talent

As Duray & King 2018 write, “an organisation that has a perfect employee experience to provide for their employees are at an advantage of retaining satisfied and engaged employees”. So, when your company brand is known for its good employee experience and happy employees, you’ll have the upper hand it the competitive market for the best workers. Not only that but once you’ve got the talent in house, a good employee experience will help to keep them there.

4. Increased innovation

Innovation is built on freedom and trust, as discovering new things often requires trial and error, as well as some leap of faith. As a result of a good employee experience, employees feel empowered and trust their employees, which is the perfect recipe for innovation!

5. Better customer experience

For years customer experience was the centre of focus for most companies. Now, there is an understanding of the link between customer experience and employee experience. First, consumers have become increasingly interested in what kind of companies they do business with: a company that treats their employees well, and demonstrates a high social consciousness, can be a more attractive option.

Second, employees who are emotionally engaged in their jobs and have great employee experiences also treat their customer better. This means that a good employee experience equals good customer experience!

In conclusion, there are several benefits of employee experience, and you should really start focusing in it.

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