Empathic Building smart building solution – official video

empathic building smart building solution official video

The role of buildings in our well being has never been this important. Watch the official video of Empathic Building smart building solution to learn how empathic Building can be used to create better employee experiences, boost happiness, performance and well being!

The future of smart buildings is already here

We have developed a new way to interact with buildings and people sharing them. With a help of IoT, Empathic Building shows a digital twin of the building with the goal of improving the users’ well being and happiness.

The digital twin is used with an easy-to-use app that works on info screen, desktops and mobile phones.

what is empatic building for smart offices

Empathic Building features

Empathic Building is backed with intuitive features aimed to make everyday work tasks easier.

Find or book your desk

Feature: Finding safely the right workspace for the work at hand.

Benefit: Finding a desired space instantly with desired equipment and surroundings.

Find people and collaborate

Feature: Finding the right people in the building when needed and getting to know their professional profile, skills and wills.

Benefit: Instant collaboration with no need to search, sync calendars, or do unnecessary emails or calls.

Find your atmosphere

Feature: Finding a workspace based on air quality, noise level or people flow.

Benefit: No more freezing or sweating in unwanted noise or silence

Find your room

Feature: Finding a room for ad-hoc meetings or concentration.                                          

Benefit: No more booking in advance – just walk in and work when room needed.

Share your voice

Feature: Expressing and hearing feedback from employees on both internal and external matters.

Benefit: A real-time SWOT tracking employee satisfaction – when it happens, as it happens.

Visualizing data

Feature: Statistics on space usage & employee satisfaction. 

Benefit: Data-driven decisions for optimizing space and improving the environment.

Create service tickets

Feature: Mapping & reporting technical and sanitation issues with location data.

Benefit: Savings from scheduled routes to need-based maintenance.