Internet of things or information of things?

Erik Hallberg appointed as Haltian chairman of the board

We at Haltian are happy to announce the appointment of Erik Hallberg as the Chairman of the Board at Haltian.

Haltian’s is to be a leading IoT solution provider globally for selected segments in Smart Buildings and Smart Industries. “We want to make sure our organization can match that target in all levels, including the board. Erik provides our board with world-class business and strategy competences with vast experience,’’ says Pasi Leipälä, CEO and Co-Founder of Haltian.

We interviewed Erik about his new position and about what he sees in the future for Haltian.

A unique viewpoint to IoT

What’s your background?

“17 years in Telia in executive position all around the globe. I have done a lot of international work for Telia, but also local things in the local markets.

I have been the chairman of the board for multiple companies, both listed and non-listed

In, for example, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

I always been working on understanding How do we make ourselves attractive to the customers.  That is the most important question for an executive to think about. You need to understand the customer’s demands and you need to understand their changing behaviour. You can say that this has always been my driving force.”

What interested you about Haltian?

“People talk a lot about IoT without really knowing what it means. For me, it has a very specific meaning: it means information of things. Internet of things is not really interesting on itself but the data that comes from it is. On top of that, you need to do the integration of things in order the see the entire flow of processes in industries and companies.

The simple data from the IoT sensors is not valuable on its own, but when you get the data to the customer and they get to see it and act on it, then it will start to have value. Often this means that companies need to change their processes. It’s not always easy, but when you start executing changes they start to accelerate and have a big positive impact. This is what I’m seeing with many Haltian customers and I think it’s very impressive.

What interests me the most about Haltian is the amazing technology. When it comes to IoT, Haltian knows how to design and develop the technology that collects the important information, and Haltian knows how to integrate it so that the customer can get the data as well.”

What are the things you are bringing to our board?

“What I will do is work on getting all these great solutions into the global market. I have been helping companies to scale their services many times and believe this is the area where I can help with my experience and networks as well. I want to help and support Haltian management and the entire team as a whole in finding the right direction.

Haltian has been in the startup phase for some years now, and now we are a growth company, and this is a phase I believe I can help Haltian in.”

Learning from each other

What is your future vision for Haltian?

“I see Haltian as a diamond in the rough: when you find a stone, you need to start faceting it in the right way to get the right kind of shine. So, this is how I would describe what I see at Haltian, and I’m happy to start faceting it together with the Haltian team.”

What are you hoping to learn from Haltian?

“I have already learned so much. I have seen a level of technology that I couldn’t almost believe to be true. When I have seen the different things Haltian has been and is doing right now, I have recognized how important it is to have that knowledge of your own solutions.

I have been thoroughly impressed by the past customer projects, expertise in creating new and the unique products with the most demanding customers in the World. And I am very happy that I have gotten to see it with my own eyes. And this unique technology is something I will learn more about for sure.

Learning from each other and exchanging knowledge is very important and one of the best things in meeting new people.”

Fun fact about you?

“On my free time I like to go downhill skiing and I also like boating a lot. I like it because when you go navigating to the sea you have to always know exactly where you are and where to go next.

I have gotten some great learnings from boating to the business world as well. You need to always ask yourself: How do I navigate in this situation? And you need to know where you are and to where you’re going.

But something that many people don’t know about me is that I like to drive race cars and I’ve driven, for example, Formula cars. It’s truly a great feeling. “

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