Haltian and Valtamer: Making Waves in Innovative Product Development


Haltian is beginning an exciting product development collaboration with Valtamer, developing a new underwater touchscreen tablet device. We had the opportunity to speak with Jouni Leinikki, the Director of Valtamer, to get a sneak peek into this exciting venture.

Valtamer, under the leadership of Jouni Leinikki, CEO and founding member of Alleco, embarked on a mission a decade ago: They set out to design an underwater touch-screen tablet, but their initial product faced limitations. Many underwater tasks and gestures proved to be challenging, and the device was quite bulky.

This innovative tablet is designed for researchers, research laboratories, neuropsychology studies, and even naval divers. The goal was to create a superior device, and the question was how to achieve it. Previously, the approach was to encapsulate other manufacturers’ tablets in waterproof casings for underwater use.

Two divers underwater

With new funding, Jouni sought a reliable and experienced product development partner to help him with this ambitious project. That’s where Haltian came into the picture.

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Prior to their partnership with Haltian, Valtamer faced a challenging situation as their previous product development partner withdrew at the last minute, deeming the project impossible. During this somewhat desperate time, a friend asked Jouni if he knew about Haltian.

Working with Haltian has been a pleasure, and the partnership exudes a sense of confidence and competence. Haltian’s honesty and craftsmanship in their work have been commendable.

Jouni Leinikki, Director, Valtamer

Haltian and Valtamer are now collaborating on a brand-new device, featuring cutting-edge technology. This tablet is designed to mimic the functionality of traditional touch-screen devices, with a unique focus on delivering exceptional performance even at depths exceeding one hundred meters.

Diver using underwater tablet device for research
photo by Andromède Oceanology Ltd / Gombessa

Jouni’s initial interactions with Haltian left him impressed by their professionalism. ”Working with Haltian has been a pleasure, and the partnership exudes a sense of confidence and competence. Haltian’s honesty and craftsmanship in their work have been commendable”, Jouni says.

The upcoming device promises enhanced usability and is expected to open up new customer segments and usage scenarios, including research and military applications. The device has potential applications in various fields, with features such as pressure sensors for underwater depth measurements, enabling depth-dependent applications.

Furthermore, the device is ideal for attaching additional devices commonly used in diving scenarios, such as three-dimensional positioning devices that can be connected to the tablet wirelessly.

This cooperation between Haltian and Valtamer is set to redefine the boundaries of underwater technology, promising exciting prospects and groundbreaking solutions for the future.

The first prototype is expected to be out in the summer of 2024. Stay tuned for more updates as we dive deeper into this remarkable journey.

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