Haltian’s HITS promises intelligence and efficiency for its customers’ business

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution (HITS) devices and software for indoor asset tracking

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Juhani Savolainen from Haltian Product Management has over ten years of experience with various IoT systems, particularly in diverse software solutions. We interviewed Savolainen about his insights into Haltian, the company’s new HITS solution, and the significance of IoT, API interfaces, and integration in clients’ businesses.

Savolainen had been observing Haltian’s story from the sidelines for a long time, and last spring, an opportunity arose for him to join in.

“I feel that at Haltian, I can leverage my extensive product management expertise while learning new things,” describes Savolainen and adds, “I’m motivated by the idea that through Haltian I can advance, for instance, the development of smarter healthcare using IoT solutions. Already, we’ve been able to ease the workload of nurses and make their work more meaningful.”

Efficiency and cost savings through the new HITS indoor positioning solution

Haltian has launched an indoor positioning solution named Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution (HITS) which, according to Savolainen, offers companies the chance to streamline their operations and gain significant advantages. HITS provides real-time information about the whereabouts of crucial assets while enabling automated inventory management. Savolainen mentions that this can reduce errors in processes, leading to both time and cost savings.

Through HITS, companies can track various items in real-time, such as boxes, pallets, important tools, spare parts, and hospital beds. The solution allows precise and reliable tracking of a large number of items—up to 10,000 items within a one-cubic-meter area.

Savolainen explains that the solution is designed to be flexible, making it suitable for different purposes and sectors, such as warehouses, indoor logistics, data centers, and hospitals. For instance, nurses can use HITS to monitor the real-time location of hospital beds and wheelchairs, saving time and enabling better patient care.

quote from Juhani Savolainen, Haltian

Haltian has developed many new devices and solutions for HITS. The location data-transmitting Haltian NANO Tag reveals the tracked device’s location with a precision of 1-5 meters, and its communication can be smartly controlled via an integrated motion sensor. Listening to this location data are the Haltian EH Locators, which operate completely wirelessly and can gather the necessary energy from indoor lighting.

According to Savolainen, the location algorithms are also developed by Haltian, offering location data up to 7 times more accurate than comparable RSSI systems.

Savolainen mentions that HITS solution includes integration and expansion possibilities. The location data it produces can be integrated into the company’s existing IT system using the versatile Haltian IoT API. Additionally, alongside Haltian’s tags, the solution can utilize any other tags using Wirepas mesh technology. According to Savolainen, expanding internationally is also easy, as the solution utilizes global LTE deployment and is designed for global use.

Low initial investments and efficient scalability as differentiators

According to Savolainen, Haltian’s HITS solution stands out from existing solutions in the market due to its low initial investments and efficient scalability.

“The installation of HITS is fast because Haltian EH Locator tags don’t require wiring. In other similar systems, the installation of one locator tag can cost up to 1500€, as it involves drilling holes and laying cables in the target location,” Savolainen explains.

Haltian NANO Tag, the smallest asset tracking tag in the world for indoor positioning
Haltian NANO Tag is the smallest asset tracking tag in the world

Fast and cost-effective installation, combined with a SAAS-based pricing model minimizes the required initial investments, enabling a rapid return on investment for the system. The solution is designed to be scalable, allowing for a small-scale start and quick expansion to a global level. According to Savolainen, the solution scalability enables HITS to cater to the needs of various businesses.

“HITS enables companies to improve productivity, optimize their goods flow, and enhance customer satisfaction,” Savolainen emphasizes.

Savolainen stresses that HITS is not just a positioning solution but a strategic tool for enhancing business operations.

“Real-time location data and various historical reports enable smaller buffer stocks, allowing the freed-up capital to be invested more profitably,” describes Savolainen. He believes that these features can optimize companies’ goods and workflows, as well as identify potential bottlenecks.

Savolainen mentions that HITS is already in use by some major clients, successfully piloted in warehouses, hospitals, and data centers. He highlights the significance of testing with real customers in the early stages: “It’s been great to see how the solution is being utilized in different companies, and these early pilots have played a significant role in achieving successful outcomes.”

Finally, Savolainen emphasizes the importance of understanding the solution’s purpose and its integration into the customer’s business.

“It’s crucial to understand how the customer wants to use the solution and how it links to their business. Based on this understanding, genuinely effective solutions tailored to the customer’s needs can be developed,” concludes Savolainen.

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