How to implement IoT solutions?

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The industrial internet and the internet of things (IoT) have been hot topics in the business world in recent years. However, so far quite few concrete IoT implementations have been seen in Finnish companies. This is because initiating projects and creating the ecosystem required by IoT solutions has often been found difficult and expensive.

A fast and cost-efficient way to implement IoT solutions and develop new business

Solita, a Finnish digital business consultancy and digital services company and Haltian are now beginning IoT cooperation in order for the two companies to be able to offer their customers a unified whole consisting of combining measurement devices, sensors, and an IoT platform with software, data analytics, and cloud services. Customers can adopt this whole package agilely, leaving them free to focus on their services and business development.

“After the talk about IoT, it’s time to move on to doing things more concretely,” says Janne Siltari, Head of IoT at Solita. “The technologies and devices are now ready, and service providers have gained experience in making effective use of existing technologies and the business opportunities they provide. Through cooperation with Haltian, we want to make the building of solutions for our customers easier than ever.”

A toolbox for data-driven business, from sensors to service design

With Haltian’s IoT platform, tools, and sensors, customer companies can create a network that collects data from a wide range of activities and other sources. With the easily-installed and multipurpose sensors, it is possible to measure, for instance, temperature, air pressure and humidity, vibrations, and illuminance. Solita’s solution, for its part, collects and analyses data into a form that facilitates decision-making and development of new business operations. Solita also provides its customers with consulting services, such as support for building of IoT strategies and road maps, and support for conceptualisation and implementation of innovative and customer-centred services.

The overall package is suited to all industrial sectors. Solita and Haltian believe that there will be demand for these solutions in particular in basic industry and in the marine industry, and in the construction and healthcare sectors.

“Over the next few years we will see a large new wave in IoT business,” predicts Haltian’s founder and CEO Pasi Leipälä. “Together with Solita’s expert team, we are now able to offer customers a whole package that makes it easy and quick to try our even demanding projects.”

So whereas in the past getting started with a pilot project could take months, now it will take only a few days. The package also makes it possible to tailor and modernise customers’ existing ecosystems.

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