Introduction to Thingsee AIR IoT device with Adrian Canales

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Haltian videos with Adrian Canales returns with Introduction to Thingsee AIR IoT device. Thingsee AIR is a wireless IoT device for indoor air quality monitoring that can be used for a variety of smart building use cases. In this video, Adrian talks about the importance of good indoor air quality, what Thingsee AIR IoT device is and how it is used.

Why indoor air quality monitoring matters

But first, let’s talk a little bit about the importance of indoor air quality. Working conditions impact employee’s well-being, happiness and performance, and indoor air quality plays a huge factor in this. We may spend up to 90% of our time indoors and indoor air can be 2-5x more polluted than outdoors. Poor indoor air quality directly affects employees’ well-being and health which in turn increases the amount of sick leave they take. Studies have shown that CO2 levels affect our cognitive brain function and alter the level of our brain’s performance. Providing better air quality, not only keeps your employees healthy, but has also been proven to improve focus and productivity in office work tasks. 

Wireless IoT device for air quality monitoring

 With our Thingsee AIR IoT sensor device, you’re able to measure and monitor your office’s air quality to ensure that the air is premium, as well as provide real time environmental conditions within the office. 
What makes Thingsee AIR different from other air monitoring devices is the fact that it’s wireless. This means that that are less restrictions on where it can be installed. There are no disturbing wires as it’s battery powered which can lasts up to 3 years. It’s also a multipurpose smart building sensor, as it measures both CO2 and TVOC levels, temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light levels: That’s a lot for such a small device. 
Data gathered from Thingsee AIR can be integrated into BIMs, Digital twins, or any other software solution. For example, our smart office solution, Empathic Building, displays real time environmental conditions within the office as well as meeting rooms, making it as simple as possible to find and choose the right environment for working and having meetings. 

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