IoT Security – Haltian Thingsee Security Whitepaper

IoT security and data privacy with Haltian Thingsee

In an era defined by connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed industries, offering unprecedented opportunities. However, with this technological revolution comes the pressing need for robust IoT security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure seamless operations.

Haltian Thingsee is a comprehensive IoT platform designed not just for functionality but fortified with layers of security to prioritize IoT security and data privacy.

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System Architecture Overview

At its core, Thingsee is a powerful data collection platform facilitating IoT service development and operations. The architecture comprises sensors, gateways, an operational cloud, and administrative dashboards, all streamlined to minimize maintenance efforts and costs. From the customer’s perspective, Thingsee represents a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, allowing a seamless focus on application cloud and service development while Haltian manages the underlying infrastructure.

Haltian Thingsee IoT architecture
Haltian Thingsee IoT architecture

Fortified Cloud Security

Thingsee Cloud operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging its scalable and reliable cloud computing platform. Security measures enforced by AWS, aligned with the six pillars of AWS Well-Architected best practices, form the backbone of Thingsee Cloud’s robust security infrastructure.

Single-Tenant Architecture

Thingsee Cloud adopts a Single-Tenant architecture, ensuring individual customer data segregation within dedicated instances. This approach not only safeguards data but also offers tailored service records, interfaces, and storage allocations for each customer’s deployment, fostering a secure environment.

Integrating with Thingsee Cloud

The management of APIs is meticulously governed by AWS API Gateway, with stringent authentication measures like JWT access tokens to ensure secure data transmission.

Account Management

Under the AWS Organizations umbrella, the Master Account administered by Haltian serves as the control hub for Thingsee Cloud. Each Tenant Account, managed by Haltian, is tailored to specific customer roles, ensuring restricted access and bolstering security through AWS IAM.

Thingsee Device Security

Haltian Thingsee IoT devices, including gateways and sensors, are fortified at multiple levels. Gateways manage data flow, updates, and network maintenance, while sensors, based on the Wirepas Mesh network, collect various IoT data securely.

Haltian Thingsee IoT devices

Thingsee IoT Data Security and Privacy

Data processed through the Thingsee Platform remains anonymous and devoid of sensitive personal information, aligning with GDPR guidelines. Additionally, geolocation information is carefully handled, and data residency options are customizable based on customer preferences.


Thingsee stands as a testament to IoT security and data privacy, encapsulating a sophisticated architecture designed to fortify every facet of IoT operations. From cloud security to device management and data privacy, every layer is carefully crafted to ensure utmost protection without compromising functionality.

For an in-depth exploration of Thingsee’s security measures and insights, delve into our comprehensive white paper to embark on a journey towards unlocking secure IoT operations.

By embracing Thingsee, you’re not just embracing IoT innovation; you’re also embracing a fortified shield safeguarding the integrity and privacy of your data in this connected world.