Creating IoT solution in a massive scale for remote monitoring of commercial real estate

Haltian Thingsee IoT device kit for remote monitoring of commercial real estate

A real world story of success

The future of IoT happens on a massive scale. According to IDC, the number of connected devices worldwide is projected to reach 55.9 billion by 2025, generating a staggering 79.4 zettabytes of data. This necessitates exceptional care in planning, security, maintenance, software architecture, and more for IoT solutions to meet the scalability demands.

At Haltian, we’ve designed our Thingsee IoT solution to scale effectively right from the start. To illustrate how companies can build IoT solutions on an exceptionally large scale, we’ve created a white paper featuring a real-world story of a leading logistics and warehouse company. The white paper provides insights into how they successfully implemented our solution to meet their massive-scale IoT needs.

In this white paper

  • Description of the project from the very start
  • How digital solution can drive sustainability
  • Customer benefits
  • Introducing the tailored pump room IoT kit
  • Future plans

Benefits in numbers

IoT benefits in numbers

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