A Satisfied and Motivated Team – The Key to Customer Success [Podcast Episode 1]

Northern mountains, Haltian podcast episode 1

How will a satisfied and motivated team lead to customer success? In the very first episode of the Haltian podcast, our HR representative, Kaisa Seppälä from Notarec Oy, invited Haltian COO and Director of Manufacturing, Teemu Hannula, and Head of Software, Sanna Davidsainen, to discuss leadership and how modern-day companies are turning their focus towards their employees’ wellbeing and satisfaction.

The topics discussed in this podcast are:

  • What is good leadership made of?
  • Situational leadership & values
  • Motivation & Rewarding 
  • Challenges in leadership
  • The impact of COVID-19 on leadership
  • What’s next? – the future of leadership

Listen to the podcast here:

Everything starts from building trust with your team members. Leaders need to get to know people as human to human, not only the work side: what motivates each of them, what brings them joy and what are their challenges

Sanna Davidsainen, Head of Software, Haltian