Real-time health systems powered by Empathic Building smart hospital [video]

Empathic Building digital twin for smart hospital

Stavanger Universitetssjukehus hospital in Norway has the world’s first accurate positioning system in an emergency room. Watch our video to learn how Haltian Empathic Building smart hospital helps Stavanger Universitetssjukehus improve both employee and patient experience, and make the hospital operations run more smoothly.

We implemented location tracking and sensor technology so we can learn about its capabilities for our use cases. We aim to use this technology in the future in the new hospitals that we are building.

Cato Heimvik, Head of IT at Helse Stavanger

Real-time data with Empathic Building

 At Stavanger, the system was installed in the emergency room during normal operation without any disturbances. The result is a several hundred square meter emergency room where equipment, employees and patients can be tracked using simple tags. The Quuppa positioning system offers an accuracy of less than 50 cm in the Empathic Building digital twin.

Empathic Building combines all sorts of important information into one place, where it can be easily found. At Stavanger, data is gathered from, e.g., Haltian IoT devices, Quuppa location tags, Landing Site tags and the users themselves. Empathic Building runs on info screens, desktop and mobile.

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