Test Your Ideas Quickly with Functional Appearance Models

quick prototyping for a Startup

When you have the greatest product idea you want to go out and test it as comprehensively and as fast as possible to see if it works in the real life.

Haltian can help you here by creating functional appearance models quickly and affordably. These models you can test in their real intended context of use and you will find out what needs to be changed to get into the superior user experience. You can save time and money when you find out the pitfalls in the early phase of the project before spending a big investment in the product development phase.

Functional Appearance Models

Instead of just printing out 3D models we can create you a functional appearance model quickly and affordably by using our agile prototype development process and wide supply network. If you want to verify the intended look and feel or are interested in testing different options, we can use the real intended materials and surface finishing in the prototypes. Or we can choose to go for the agile hardware prototyping by creatively using any combination of the existing products, development kits or evaluation boards. Naturally, we would combine all of this with the quick test version of the software to be able to evaluate the intended user experience.

User Experience Protos

The most essential thing affecting the customer satisfaction is the user experience of the product. Thus, it is essential to evaluate this in all phases of the product creation. Even before creating any functional appearance models we can illustrate the intended user experience with visual layouts and interaction flows. Quickly after, we can create quick prototypes on the intended software platforms and include the software in the functional appearance model. We can even include the real interfaces to the cloud for this phase which makes the demo implementation usable for the later development. In this agile way of working we can evaluate both the design and technical challenges at the same time and achieve a good predictability for the remaining software work after the prototype creation.

Test Your Idea in Real Context

You can place the functional appearance model in their real use environment and see how they suit the context. Many times, in this phase you will find out important aspects that lead you to change some details in the design. That is why we always recommend the functional prototype creation for the new product ideas. You can never get the same level of understanding with just a pen and paper or even with a high-quality 3D demonstration on the desktop compared to a real physical and functional appearance model that you can hold in your hands, show to your stakeholders and get it tested and evaluated by the target users in the real context.

The more innovative your idea the more important it is to demonstrate and test it quickly, to make sure your customers appreciate your idea as much as you do and you finetune the right things.

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