What is the right network for your IoT solution? Haltian videos with Wirepas, part four

using IoT to improve business value

In the fourth and final part of our videos with Wirepas hosted by Adrian Canales. Adrian and Jani Vehkalahti discuss IoT solutions and how Wirepas works compared to other networks such as LoRa.

Watch the video now:

IoT is not just one use case

Jani explains that IoT is not just one use case, and there is no one-fit-for all answer when it comes to IoT networks. The type of network and connectivity you need, depends heavily on your use case. To learn more about IoT communication protocols and how they are used, read this Haltian article.

What is Wirepas best for?

Jani explains that Wirepas works the best in use cases where you have dense deployments of hundreds or thousands of IoT devices that need to send frequent data. Visit Wirepas website to learn more about their solution!