Video: How easy it is to install Thingsee sensors

Thingsee IoT sensor device installation video for dispencer fill rate monitoring

In our series of quick installation videos, we are demonstrating just how easy we have made IoT. In the second installation video, we show how a Thingsee sensor device for fill rate monitoring is deployed using a Thingsee installation application.

IoT out-of-the-box

To help our customer digitize their operations quickly without having to tinker with complicated technologies, our IoT sensors, and devices all work out-of-the-box: you simply active them, install them to their place and they start sending data immediately!

Watch our installation video on how easy it is to install a Thingsee sensor device:

Why remote fill level monitoring for smart washrooms?

Cleaning is labor intensive it’s characterised by time consuming distances between cleaning areas and unpredictable need for supplies and maintenance. Optimizing processes and improving operating efficiency are constant challenges for any facility management team.

This is why Haltian has developed an IoT solution to provide real-time information for optimized cleaning operations. Remote monitoring of dispenser and trash bin fill rates in public washrooms enables on-demand cleaning, helping cleaning personnel focus their time on areas that need attention instead of doing unnecessary time-based check-ups. Using smart sensor solutions in washrooms and facilities ensures good hygiene and the best possible user experience at all times. Thingsee IoT sensors for distance monitoring such as Thingsee BEAM sensors enable accurate fill rate monitoring for paper, towel, and soap dispensers, as well as trash bins.

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