Video: How to install a Thingsee IoT Gateway device?

Intsalling Thingsee IoT Gateway device

When we talk about IoT, we always say that we make IoT easy. We say this because in practice, IoT is hard: the different technology components and layers are complicated and take a lot of work, for us.

For our customers, we want IoT to be easy and simple, so that they can focus on the benefits of IoT data, not on the technology.

Easy and quick installation of IoT devices

This is why our Thingsee IoT devices and gateways are made to be extremely easy to install and deploy: it’s all set up before they arrive to you and all you need to do is to activate them, and they start sending data immediately!

To demonstrate how easy it really is, we’re making a series of videos showing the simple steps of installing Haltian IoT devices.

Watch how to install a Thingsee Gateway Device:

The few simple steps to IoT data

You activate the device and make it a part of your IoT solution by reading the QR code with a QR code reader or a Haltian Thingsee IoT management application. Your gateway device will automatically turn on and connect to the Thingsee Operations Cloud when you plug it to a power source. And… that’s it, you are now ready to start installing your sensors and start getting secure and reliable IoT data for your business!

Watch the second device installation video

Ps. for more detailed information about the installation of Thingsee IoT devices, follow your user and installation guides.

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