Video: Introduction to Thingsee PRESENCE IoT sensor

introduction to Thingsee PRESENCE IoT sensor device

Adrian Canales from Haltian is back in his introduction to Haltian series! In introduction to Thingsee PRESENCE IoT sensor, you’ll learn about Thingsee PRESENCE: a small, wireless device for occupancy monitoring and visitor counting.

To start, all Haltian sensor devices are wireless, battery operated, and come to our customers reconfigured with Wirepas mesh connectivity. Once you get your devices, all you need to do is to activate the sensors and the gateway, and they start receiving and sending out data immediately!

Thingsee PRESENCE is used in a variety of smart building and smart office applications, from hot-desking and utilization monitoring to analytics and security use-cases.

Thingsee presence sensor under the table, smart buildings
Thingsee PRESENCE is installed under a desk and it can tell you when it’s being occupied

Thingsee PRSENCE is most commonly used for workplace management systems to monitor the occupancy of meeting rooms and work desks. With this data, you’ll be able to understand when a meeting room, a desk or a phone booth is occupied, and when they become free – all in real-time.

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Empathic Building digital twin visualizes IoT sensor data

Thingse PRESENCE sensors are used in the Empathic Building solution in desks, meeting rooms and phone booths. Empathic Building digital twin visualizes all this relevant data for employees or visitors, to support their work and decision making.

Empathic Building mobile application with air quality and temperature
Empathic Building is operated in info screens, desktop, or mobile applications

Visitor counting tells you your peak times

Another use case for Thingsee PRESENCE IoT sensor device is visitor counting. Installed above an entryway, Thingsee PRESENCE counts the passers-by and you can tell, for example, which times are the busiest.

Thingsee PRESENCE is often used in smart washroom solutions to alert the cleaning staff after a certain amount of people have visited a restroom. With this data, you’ll be able to create a more on-demand cleaning approach, instead of scheduled checks, and focus cleaning effort to areas where they’re needed the most.

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Monitor people presence remotely

Thingsee presence sensor on a wall

Another use case for Thingsee PRESENCE is security: you can install the sensor device to entryways in remote locations and you’ll be able to tell if there’s somebody in an area where they’re not supposed to be, or if there’s any movement during hours when there’s not supposed to be anyone present.

That’s Thingsee PRESENCE in a nutshell! Make sure to learn more about the device and about Empathic Building from the links below.

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