What is Wirepas Mesh?

Wirepas Mesh, created by Wirepas, is a wireless, fully meshed network architecture for IoT solutions. All the devices in a Wirepas Mesh network can make the routing decisions locally, based on the present radio circumstances. The de-centralized architecture of Wirepas Mesh provides a high data transmission reliability and availability, and gives coverage across large areas.

How does Wirepas Mesh Work?

All the Wirepas Mesh intelligence is de-centralized in the network and onto the devices. The devices make routing decisions autonomously, based on the available radio spectrum and energy. A central network hub device is not needed in Wirepas Mesh.

Wirepas devices can transmit data over multiple hops from a node to another, and towards the Cloud and back.

For each device, there are multiple routing options always, and multiple IoT devices can be used in the same network.

Device Roles are not Necessary in Wirepas Mesh

In Wirepas Mesh, any device can function as a routing point for relaying data – if required because of the present circumstances. There is no need for pre-configured device roles. Single points of failure are avoided because all the devices are similar and self-healing is supported.

Wirepas Connectivity Protocols

Several Wirepas connectivity protocols are supported for your IoT solution. The Wirepas Mesh software client contains all the required networking intelligence. Wirepas Mesh can run on top of standard low-power wide area (LPWA) radio hardware such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Additionally, the Wirepas connectivity profile can be configured through software parameters to match the exact bandwidth, latency, range and power consumption needs.

The Wirepas devices access the wireless medium in a synchronized manner based on Time, and Frequency Division Multiple Access methods (TDMA and FDMA). Devices can synchronize the time slots and channels for communication, which helps to avoid radio communication overhead and collisions on the wireless medium. All the available channels in each frequency band can be used.

Major IoT communication protocols for Smart Buildings

Wirepas is one of the options to use in Smart Buildings. There are other options, and due to the critical nature of these communication protocols for IoT, it is essential to understand the options.

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How Many Devices can One Wirepas Network Support?

An unlimited number of Wirepas enabled devices can be connected on a network.

Availability of Wirepas Modules

Wirepas Mesh is a pure software solution, which can be licensed for several commercial modules and off-the-shelf radio SOCs (System on a Chip).

Wirepas Mesh software contains all the networking intelligence within, and this gives more flexibility to choose the right radio chipset and frequency band for your IoT application.

Thingsee devices provide a wide range of industry-grade IoT sensor modules within an embedded Wirepas Mesh software client. Thingsee Wirepas modules are available for multiple purposes: valve monitoring, distance monitoring, climate monitoring, facility management, workspace occupancy, visitor count, machine usage monitoring and door switch.

Wirepas vs. Bluetooth Mesh

Wirepas Mesh is based on a cost-based routing technique, whereas Bluetooth Mesh uses the flooding technique to transmit data from a device to another across a network.

Wirepas Mesh Security

In Wirepas Mesh, every transmitted message is encrypted with a unique AES-128 key counter mode. Messages are appended with the OMAC1 Message Integrity Code (MIC) to prevent playback and man-in-the-middle attacks. A device without the correct encryption and authentication key pair cannot join the Wirepas Mesh network.

Wirepas Positioning

Wirepas Positioning Engine provides an accurate, cloud-based positioning method. Wirepas positioning solution contains tag devices, which are attached on assets to be located. So called anchor devices at fixed locations in the network are used to determine the location of the tags. When a tag detects an anchor device, it will report its ID, a time stamp and radio measurement to the anchor device, which forwards the information to the nearest gateway, which then forwards the information to the cloud. In this way Wirepas Positioning Engine provides positioning data for any back-end system.

How to Build a Wirepas Mesh Massive IoT Solution Quickly?

If you want to know how to build a commercial, massive IoT solution of thousands of devices by using Wirepas Mesh in just 9 months, please download our case study with Lindström Group, the leading European textile service company.

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