What is Wirepas? Videos with Adrian & Wirepas part 1

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Haltian videos with Adrian Canales continue with a new miniseries: Haltian videos with Wirepas. We asked Jani Vehkalahti, Senior Vice President of Wirepas, to join us on an interview to discuss how Wirepas and Haltian work together in creating the most scalable IoT solutions in the world. The first part is all about the basics: What is Wirepas?

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Haltian is one of Wirepas’ oldest partners. From our history, we have found that it’s one of the most robust and simplest IoT networks and mesh technologies. Using Wirepas helps us scale our IoT solutions fast and make IoT installation that would not be possible otherwise.

What is Wirepas mesh connectivity and what does it mean for IoT solutions?

“What Wirepas is really about, is the value that comes to our partners and customers,” Jani says. “It’s all about the ease of installation, about the scalability from 2 to 2 million.”

The challenge with all IoT connectivity is scaling the coverage when installations get larger. With Wirepas, each wireless sensor device, becomes part of the network, meaning that every single node in the network will extend the coverage.

What Wirepas is really about, is the value that comes to our partners and customers

Jani Vehkalahti, Senior Vice President, Wirepas

The second important point about Wirepas is the ease of installation: Jani tells that with Wirepas, their customer simply needs to connect their devices to the network, without having to commission each and every device individually, which makes installing hundreds of sensors a day possible.

What makes Wirepas unique and fitting for Haltian Thingsee devices?

“I come back to the fact that you don’t need to worry,” Jani says. “It’s like having working plumbing at your home: once. it’s done properly, it just works. And this is what comes with using Wirepas. We make a lot of effort to solve the complex things so in the field everything feels easy.”

At the end of the day, it all comes down to scalability. According to Jani, when talking about a small number of IoT devices, there’s not much difference between the different systems. “The differences come in when you deploy hundreds or thousands of devices,” he says.

What’s coming on Haltian videos with Wirepas:

  • Wirepas and wireless standardization
  • Different IoT use cases in the same network
  • Wirepas vs. LoRa