Custom IoT solutions

Haltian Custom IoT Services for fast, affordable, and flexible IoT solutions
Custom Iot services from Haltian

Custom IoT services for fast, affordable, and flexible IoT solutions

Creating a new IoT solution requires a lot of expertise with a complex stack of technology – from device hardware, firmware and communications network, to IoT software and applications. On top of it all, all this needs to be integrated seamlessly. With Haltian, you’ll get a world-class product development team, and a hosted IoT platform and ecosystem as a service so that you can focus on your business development and we take care of the IoT technology.


Accelerate your IoT solution

Bringing your custom IoT solution as a part of our ready Thingsee IoT ecosystem will save you precious time and accelerate the starting point of your IoT service with seamless integration to your own systems.


Ready IoT solutions save money

Our Thingsee IoT ecosystem provides the majority of all the functionality your IoT solution needs so that you don’t have to invent the wheel all over again! With us you can choose from our ready IoT portfolio, or our team of experts can to develop your turnkey, highly customized IoT service in a cost efficient way.


Choose an IoT solution that fits your needs

We will do your IoT project using our strong Thingsee IoT family and platform. Our solutions are designed to be highly customized and flexible, so that you can choose the parts that fit your needs best.


Custom IoT services from connected devices, connectivity, to cloud services and integration

Applications have a customized smart device with inbuilt global cellular connectivity, sensors and possible local connectivity. The devices relay the data to Thingsee Operations Cloud.

Thingsee cloud passes data to the customer cloud. Thingsee solution enables security, scalability and remote management  for the devices for the whole lifecycle.

Finally, analytics, customer applications and dashboards can be run in customer specific cloud environment.

  • IoT product development and design

    Connected devices

    Do you have a vision for a new kind of connected solution? Haltian has years of experience in product design and development. We will help you design and produce your IoT device, and most importantly, connect it to the cloud.

    When it comes to creating connected devices, you don’t always have to invent the wheel again: often a lot of the technology is already there and new IoT solutions can be created faster than you think! We have proven success stories with companies all over the world, whether your idea is a device to revolutionize the smart home or a new kind health technology device, we have the engineering team to help you.

  • All under one roof

    Full stack IoT platform

    Our approach to custom IoT service development fits organizations of many sizes and sectors. Together with Haltian, everyone can harness the opportunities of IoT without having to do major investment themselves from the start.

    Our IoT ecosystem work with proven technology and provides a quick start for your IoT service, meaning that you don’t have to wait for years of development to get started. Our custom IoT services are hosted under Thingsee Operations Cloud which can be integrated to your platform easily.


  • The most secure solution

    End-to-end IoT security

    Security is one of the most important features of any IoT solution.

    With Thingsee, everything is end-to-end encrypted, developed and managed by us. We are AWS Advanced Technology Partner for IoT providers and our IoT platform is reviewed and tested constantly to ensure its security.

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