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Get an experienced team in hardware design & development services in B2C and B2B to deliver industrial design, electrical engineering, embedded systems, wireless design, mechanical engineering, testing, and certifications.
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Compreehensive hardware design & development services

We offer an experienced team of worldclass engineers, rewarded designers, out-of-box thinkers, rule breakers, innovators and makers of first-of-a-kind devices at your service.

Over the years we have gained a super wide range of expertise from extreme miniaturization of wearable devices like the Oura Ring to the development of complex systems like the world’s first portable hyperspectral camera, Specim IQ. In our list of ongoing projects common sights are also various other imaging devices as well as sensors and gateways devices to IoT systems. Not to forget the VR/XR products, asset trackers, custom built controller cards for industrial machines, and more. 

Our Engagement models are flexible ranging from turnkey project development (idea to mass production) to smaller projects like Strategic Design/portfolio design for 2025 roadmap, dedicated technology studies, back-up design, EOL design update, de-bugging of 3rd party designs and more. 

All design is done especially with the requirements of the end customer in mind. When professionals from distinctive design areas work together seamlessly, the product becomes the best possible. 

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Our way of working 

Years of experience, deep technology expertise and courage to take on challenges others wouldn’t dare – they all fall in short if the experts and engineers don’t work together towards a common goal and if the hardware integration is not built into the everyday operations.  

At Haltian working in silos is made practically impossible: Project teams have dedicated project spaces and experts from different disciplines sit side by side. PCB layout and mechanics experts do not waste time making 2D PowerPoints but frequently exchange 3D CAD files and review them around the same screen! The same way of working also applies to the co-operation between hardware and software: different schematics options, as well as the final schematics, go through a detailed analysis and peer reviews prior to their release to manufacturing. 

At Haltian the HW and MECH designs not only match each other, but all HW disciplines work seamlessly together. For example, in a typical IoT sensor or BLE device development project the first PCB version is already used for the official market access/type approval testing. 

Decades of experience have taught us a unique way of working and a process that aims to eliminate typical errors and make sure the final product delivers the best possible user experience. 

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Hardware design knowledge

Industrial design

The product’s feel on hands, looks, ergonomics, and aesthetics are crucial for any product’s success. We at Haltian understand the importance of materials and manufacturing processes. At this stage we deliver a variety of sketches and physical formats for rapid iteration and assessment of early ideas. 

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Embedded design

Embedded systems design

Microcontrollers (µCPUs), application processors, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Digital Signal Processor (DSP), or System on Chip (SOC) are part of more advanced electronic devices ranging from Bluetooth devices to high-speed multiprocessor devices. 

Haltian has strong expertise in embedded system hardware design, and we know the solutions and platforms of leading suppliers. 

electrical engineering design - hardware design services

Electrical engineering design

A few of the most important tasks in electrical engineering and electronics design is to select the components that will better fit the product requirements and perform the desired functions. Deliveries include block diagrams, schematics diagrams, components selected, calculation of current consumption, and selection of power supply.

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PCB design & layout

In PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design, the selected components are positioned on the circuit board. Wiring suitable for each component is designed and the circuit board is shaped to be compatible with the mechanics and so that the circuit board can be manufactured cost-effectively. 

Haltian has extensive experience in hard PCB, FPC and rigid-flex design. Small form factor, for example wearables and IoT products, the design is typically very dense and the degree of integration into mechanics is high.

Hardware design services - Wireless design

Wireless design

Haltian has vast experience in a variety of wireless products.

Our RF and antenna design services can utilize a ready-made component or design a customized antenna solution according to which best meets the customer’s requirements. 

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Hardware design services - RF design

RF design

Careful design of the RF at the conceptual stage is especially important in cases where several different radios are required, and the size of the device is small. 

Simulation tools can be used to optimize and validate circuit, system, and electromagnetic (EM) design. The simulation is done at the design stage, so it shortens the product development schedule and saves costs. 

Omata in a testing lab

Antenna design & simulation

The design of the antenna must consider the things around the antenna, such as the mechanical materials and components of the circuit board. In all projects, the antenna designer, circuit board designer and mechanical designer work closely together to meet all product requirements in the best feasible way. 

The design is started by simulating a prototype device with a simulator and in the final stage the performance of the antenna is ensured by measuring the device in an anechoic chamber. 

Mechanical engineering design

In this stage we design, develop, build and test mechanical systems by using physics principles and materials science. We use  computer-aided engineering (CAE) to pay special attention to DFA, DFM and DFT (Design for Assembly / Manufacturability /  Testing) since the very beginning of product development.

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Product ruggedization

Product ruggedization

Product ruggedization consists of developing products that are waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof. Sealing a device to meet these required will drive design decisions. Haltian has experience with creating rugged and miniaturized products.

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Design validation testing

During product development, design validation and product testing ensures that products meet the requirements set for them. Product testing is strongly linked to end-customer customer satisfaction. A well-designed product and a well-tested product reduce complaints and improve customer satisfaction. 

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Production testing

The production of electronic devices is somewhat complex. Many things in production affect how the end product works. That is why it is very important to monitor the quality of production and perform a production testing. 

Haltian has developed production testing systems for many products based on own production testing SW tool – HEAT.

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Hardware design services - Product certification - Haltian

Product certification

The final process before going to production and manufacturing is validation and certification. Physical products must be certified to meet compliant regulatory requirements for specific market access before they are sold.

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Understand what will take to turn your vision into a concrete and physical product. Answer a couple of questions about desired features and characteristics of your product and we will send you a non-binding estimation of how much it will cost to create a concept design.

As an extra we will give you a detailed presentation of the different phases by time and budget of product development.


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