Workshop for SME’s

Global stage at Slush

We understand the needs of early-stage companies.

Our goal is to help you get from an exceptional idea to a well-made product.

Our experience from companies such as Oura, Omata, Specim and many others will help you define your product strategy. We offer technology consultation, product innovation and feasibility study.

In two days workshop for SMEs, you’ll get a well-documented product definition that can be taken to VCs and the product development phase. And of course, we’re more than happy to take it all the way to production!

Please note: you own the results and the IPR.

Contents of the workshop:

Set off at full speed towards a new international product business. Our multi-skilled team will help you resolve issues related to your new product/service and get you the perfect package to continue developing your product.

  • Analysis of product design
  • Selection of the required technologies – how the product is possible to be made
  • Presentation & documentation for the findings
  • Budget estimation to complete the product design

Great products get you funded.

Our startup customers were able to collect more than $3.3M from 20,000 different sources in public crowdfunding campaigns. These companies also secured external funding for over USD 90M.


From external funding


From crowdfunding


Different backers

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Apply to the workshop. Service value 5000€

Finnish company?

Apply for the innovation voucher

If you are company based in Finland you might be eligible to innovation voucher from Business Finland. Check below for further details and the conditions.

Customer cost 1000€ (vat 0%) with innovation voucher.  4000€ (vat 0%) paid by Business Finland.

What is the innovation voucher?

The innovation voucher from Business Finland is intended for SMEs who have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external expertise from, for example, Haltian.

The innovation voucher aims to find new business opportunities, to support business growth and encourage new businesses to innovate.

The innovation voucher from Business Finland is gratuitous support, so you do not have to pay it back. It is also important to note that the voucher is used to buy such knowledge or know-how that the company does not already have.

The innovation voucher is worth 5000 euros + VAT. It can be used by a Finnish company to acquire professional services associated with innovation. You can use the innovation voucher to acquire services from product development company Haltian Oy.

Read more from Business Finland.