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Haltian product design studio - impossible things made easy

It’s not rocket science – if you know what you are doing, and that’s what we do best!

We make your vision define tomorrow! Working with us is like working with your own R&D department – just a tad easier. Instead of getting those standard “impossible” answers, you have several options to choose from.

We do not work for you – we do work with you. Working over multiple timezones is business as usual for us. Best in class tools, processes and practices – we certainly have them! And with us your secret stays secret.

Hard to match competence portfolio covering also extreme miniaturization, multiprotocol wireless, and ultra low power consumption. We are the team behind the smart ring you are wearing, and the GPS tracker you are using, and many other devices you are familiar with.

Our R&D agency offering gives you the agility of an SME but the knowledge and experience only few corporations have, formula that has with proven capability to help start-ups from their early stages to solid deliveries for the largest corporations in the world.

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Our customers love us

We measure our client satisfaction with Net Promoter Score, in which we continously rank excellently.




Industry average*

Greater than the sum of it’s parts

Our core expertise is in wireless products with extreme miniaturization and low power consumption. But we do more than that.

As your partner, we manage the project to get the most out of it for you. However, we are not afraid to challenge you to make the project run smoother and to get better results.

With us, you get a user experience-driven approach, where we take care of all of the project, including scheduling, reporting, and all communications.

Project management

Guiding you through the project.

Project management team in an office
Read how managed the Tracepen project

Product development

End to end product creation.

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Read about our other references

Mass production

Preparations for mass production.

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Read more about mass production

Key numbers

Delivery rate


Of projects we manage


10 +

Of creating better products


200m +

Our customers have raised funding

It’s very simple, Haltian is a world class product development team with a No-Bullshit approach and endless creativity. We trust Haltian to deliver on our ambition to create modern precision instruments.

Rhys Newman, Founder, OMATA

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