Accurate parking occupancy measurement

Haltian RADAR gives you data for accurate parking occupancy measurement in the most cost-efficient, easy and non-interruptive way.
Haltian RADAR for accurate parking measurement, in any condition

Optimize parking capacity

Gather real-time data on parking occupancy and parking space availability with our RADAR sensor. Enrich your current parking space or smart office solution with valuable information for improved parking capacity management.

Managing hundreds or thousands of parking spaces is expensive, and better optimized parking solutions result in decreased pollution, improved parking experience, and decreased costs.

Maximise parking utilization and capacity by measuring the parking spots

Maximise parking utilization

Using an accurate vehicle occupancy sensor across your parking spaces enables real-time information on your parking space utilization.

This allows you to optimize parking capacity based on actual utilization and decrease management costs.

Improve the cost structure of parking by measuring parking space occupancy

Improve your cost structure

Understanding the parking space utilization allows you to decrease parking related management costs.

Haltian RADAR is a wireless solution with minimal resources needed for installation, resulting in an unbeatable total cost of ownership.

RADAR data also enables new business models, as you can drive revenue from leasing out under-utilized parking spaces.

Reduce search times and congestion with the data in any end-user application

Reduce search times and congestion

Live information of available parking spaces reduces time needed for searching vacant spaces, resulting in decreased congestion and saving of fuel.

Utilizing live sensor data therefore helps you to achieve ESG goals through emission reductions.

In addition, your employees appreciate the real-time occupancy level of available parking spaces and charging stations, allowing them to plan their commutes better.

Haltian RADAR mounted on a wall, covered in ice

Wireless sensor for parking occupancy

Wireless and non-disruptive installation with unmatched weather-resistance make RADAR the perfect solution for parking space occupancy measurement.

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Haltian RADAR is part of the extensive Haltian Thingsee IoT portfolio, and is a new type of data collected to extend the existing solution. Our software-agnostic sensors aim to provide accurate and wireless data for your needs.

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Our wide catalogue of products, including mesh-connected sensors, gateways with out-of-box global cellular connectivity, and a solution-as-a-service cloud, all under one solution, make IoT easy.

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