Warehouses and intralogistics – Asset tracking

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution, HITS, helps you to increase your productivity and reduce manual work in warehouses and intralogistics use cases.
Warehouses and intralogistics using asset tracking

Upgrade your intralogistics

Inaccurate data, delays in information retrieval, and manual data entries are major issues in warehouses and intralogistics environments.

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution helps you to increase your productivity and reduce manual work. Getting rid of manual searching and counting operations helps you to save time and money and results in accurate data.

Person holding a table for inventory management and asset tracking

Eliminate search times

Implementing an asset tracking solution enables real-time information on your assets’ locations.

This allows you to eliminate search times as you always know in which locations and where inside that location your pallets, containers, spare parts, equipment, and tools are.

Massive warehouse showing scalability capabilities of HITS

Reduce time spent counting inventory

Let the system count the inventory for you and you always know how many items you have, in real-time. Staff can access up-to-date and 100% accurate information on the available stock and avoid stockouts.

When you stop counting your inventory manually, you can free up resources for other more valuable duties to boost your business.

Warehouse with high level of stock

Ease compliance tracking

Having exact data about your asset movements eases the process of monitoring compliance with various regulations and standards.

Documented information of, for example knowing that certain pallets have stayed in the freezer zone, ensures you a higher level of compliance, with reduced manual inputs.

Optimized maintenance actions made easy with usage based asset tracking

Optimized maintenance actions

Real-time insight into the utilization levels of your tools and equipment allows for condition-based maintenance.

Using actual usage times helps to optimize maintenance actions, e.g. have the tools been used at all, but also allows for the maintenance personnel to locate the equipment very easily and quickly.

How does it work?

The Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution (HITS) is the most scalable asset tracking solution for warehouses and other intralogistics use cases.

The solution provides detailed information regarding assets and their exact locations, removing the need for manual inspections and other non-productive work.

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