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We make any building smart. Thingsee connects building data and people. Build with Thingsee and gain the best data to influence your decision-making.
Office with Thingsee AIR and the text Thingsee - tie building data and people together

Thingsee IoT solution is a one-stop-shop for easy-to-deploy and scalable IoT solutions for the built environment. Collect data and get more visibility of your processes. Thingsee provides actionable insights from data for better and simpler working life.

The Thingsee IoT devices are designed, produced and delivered from Finland.

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How do we do it?

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Connect with Thingsee API

Our data collection platform is software-independent and 100% anonymous with a private cloud. Wirepas Mesh provides superior quality of service and ease of installation in the built environment.

Thingsee is software independent

No tie-ups with user-level software solutions, enabling a lower total cost of ownership than the competition.

Our data is easily available for any application, with an API-first approach.

We are the masters of scale

Thingsee scalability is more than the number of devices connected to a gateway. It is about how fast and easy we deploy our solution, up to 1200 devices in two days.

We operate in scale – with proven delivery capability.

Global connectivity if you build with Thingsee

Thingsee has global connectivity

Thingsee has the best indoor coverage and the largest global connectivity – all included in the service.

Our solution enables the same secure, out-of-box experience anywhere in the world. Ideal for companies operating and serving customers in multiple markets. 

One solution, countless opportunities

Thingsee has the most extensive range of data types under a single solution, demonstrated by a wide range of use cases:

Office occupancy & People counting

Get data on your building usage.

Office occupancy and people counting 1080px
Read more about office occupancy

Remote monitoring of commercial real estate

Save energy and improve operations.

Aerial view of a commercial real estate that has remote monitoring in it.
Read more about remote monitoring for commercial real estate

Smart cleaning

Optimize your cleaning workflows and monitor fill levels.

Smart cleaning 1080px
Read more about the smart cleaning

Machine monitoring

Monitor your machines remotely, without wires.

Machine monitoring 1080px
Read more about machine monitoring

Indoor air quality

Reduce risks & improve performance.

Indoor air quality 1080px
Read more about indoor air quality

Bespoke IoT solution

Create your custom IoT device.

Bespoke IoT solution 1080px
Read more about custom IoT

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Integrate once, deploy globally

The Thingsee smart building data collection platform allows you to gain valuable insights. Our solution works independently of any existing networks and has a unique set of data types in the built environment. Our philosophy of integrating once, and deploying globally is manifested in the easiness of our solution.

Build with Thingsee, simple architecture

Mesh-connected sensors, gateways with out-of-box global cellular connectivity, and a solution-as-a-service cloud, all under one solution, make IoT easy.

Custom Iot services from Haltian

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Create a custom IoT solution, just for your needs.

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