Empathic Building for Offices

Transition to desk sharing office in 3 steps, knowing exactly what your employees and organization need in the modern workplace environment.
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Smart office solution for data-driven transition to desk sharing

Transition from fixed to shared desks starts with knowing the needs and work preferences of your employees, as well as insights into how well the workplace fulfills them.

Empathic Building for Offices is a proven solution for making this change happen in three easy steps:
1. Rightsizing the space with precise insights from utilization data
2. Deploying flexible working smoothly for employees
3. Continuously refining and optimizing employee experience and space design.

It is built for all building users, helping you to create a responsive and caring workplace.

Designed for All Building Users’ Needs

Employee-First Approach

Making employees thrive in the modern work environment is at the core of Empathic Building offering.

smart office employees

Workplace Experience & Technology Experts

Get added value from insights on how people use the space, to inform decisions on how to make it better.

employee experience

Facility & Maintenance Professionals

Get feedback and maintenance requests from users. Integrate with any 3rd party system with ease.

facility managers

Choose Your Solution

Rightsize with Utilization Insights for Data-Driven Decisions

Rightsizing doesn’t mean downsizing. Get data and insights on how the space is used to make accurate decisions on how much and what needs to be reduced.

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Enable Flexible Ways of Working

Make desk and room sharing policies easy for employees by showing what is free and effortless walk-in or future reservations.

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Refine & Optimize Employee Experience

Rearrange design based on employee’s feedback. Support their learning and connection to culture.

Not sure what you need for your office and how to start?

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