Empathic Building for return to office

Haltian Empathic Building for return to office after COVID-19 pandemic is the optimal solution that is easy to use, includes a safe environment for collaboration, optimization of space, removal of frictions and employee empowerment.
Haltian safe return to office solution

The Post-Pandemic Office

Ensure collaboration and co-creation in a safe environment

There is no one correct way to support the return to office after covid especially when different people and industries have been affected differently.

Thus, the best way is to manage the return to office plan with empathy: empower the employee with activity-based working spaces, add remote working options with the possibility to be available and accessible for interactions, co-creation, and collaboration, and as importantly, provide a safe environment for the employee.  These might mean small or big changes in the office. Nonetheless, easy to use, smooth adaptation, and buy-in from employees is vital.

If this transition is done well, openly and with simple technology focused on employee experience it can be an opportunity to strengthen the corporate culture, boost employee engagement and increase performance.

Haltian Empathic Building for return to office solution is built with the employee at its core and supports collaboration and co-creation. Also, it provides information and reporting for data-driven decisions as well as improvements.

Get the ideal match to your return to office plan with our solution

Haltian Empathic Building for smart office solution can be quickly implemented in several buildings and square meters in a scalable and easy approach. The creation of digital twin and deployment of our office solution to your company does not require technical support and is pretty fast to deploy – starting from a few days.

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Collaboration, co-creation and effortless feedback for safe return to office

Find people and collaborate

Find the right people in the building and get to know their professional profile, preferences and skills.

Benefit: Improve collaboration by seeing who is available now.

Find and book a shared desk

Find and reserve the right workspace for the work at hand.

Benefit: Save time by seeing which desks are free with our easy to use the digital map – just sit at the desk to reserve it.

Safe environment (post COVID-19)

Show the indoor air quality in real-time for offices and meeting room spaces.

Benefit: Increase safety by showing which spaces have the freshest air – this way exposure to airborne transmission of COVID-19 can be minimised.

Safe surfaces (post COVID-19)

Indicate which desks and rooms have been used since they were last cleaned.

Benefit: Increase safety and trust in the office by cleaning surfaces that have recently been used.  

Co-create with employees

Provide statistics on space usage & employee satisfaction.

Benefit: Improve employee experience by using data to continuously improve the office environment. Show which spaces are popular and which are unpopular.

Share your voice​

Share any kind of feedback with your voice.

Benefit:  Improve employee experience and happiness –  it’s fast and easy to anonymously share your feelings.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Deploy COVID-19 guidelines in an easily accesible place

Benefit:  Increase employee safety and knowledge on COVID-19 restrictions by sharing guidelines across the whole organisation in a placeholder that is easy to find and access.

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