Empathic Building for smart office

Haltian Empathic Building for smart office solution focuses on the transition to desk sharing. Book a room or desk and tell your colleagues your location in real-time. Get also utilization data and reporting.

Desk sharing solution for flexible office

Smart office solution focused on moving to desk sharing

Empathic Building for smart office is a user friendly solution focused on the transition to desk sharing.

This solution is adapted for hybrid work and takes into consideration both the employee to book desk and meeting rooms, finding colleagues in a flexible office environment and activity based working as well as the manager who needs to measure and reports on office utilization for rightsizing the office space for the latest needs.

Booking a room or meeting room can be even done with a zero-click booking with the end-to-end Empathic Building. Get also utilization data and reporting for a specific room or for the whole floor or even building.

Ready to move to commercial deployment?

Empathic Building can be quickly implemented in several buildings in a scalable and easy approach. The deployment of the office solution to your company does not require technical support and is pretty fast to deploy – within a few days to few weeks depending on the scale of the deployment.

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Intuitive browser-based solution

Find and book a desk

Find and reserve the right workspace for the work at hand.

Benefit: Save time by seeing which desks are free with our easy to use the digital map – just sit at the desk to reserve it.

Find and book a meeting room

Find and reserve a room for meetings.

Benefit:  Fast and easy to use reservation – search for a suitable space, see its location on the digital map and click to book it.

Find and book a room with zero-click booking

Find a room with zero-click booking for ad hoc meetings or for concentrating.

Benefit: Fast and effortless reservation – see which rooms are free and just walk inside to reserve the room.

Get utilization data and reports

Provide data on desks and rooms  utilization data

Benefit: Use data to adapt to new normal office and activity based working. Improve employee experience by using data to continuously improve the workplace environment. Show which spaces are popular and which are unpopular.

Find people and collaborate

Find the right people in the building and get to know their professional profile, preferences and skills.

Benefit: Improve collaboration by seeing who is available now.

Find a room and navigate to it

Find your way through building with AI based navigation engine.                                          

Benefit: Find your way easily with one click. No need for manual maintenance of wayfinding routes.

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