Enable desk sharing

Implement desk sharing at scale within days and without stress. Lead the adoption by providing visibility and everyday tools for employees.
Enable desk sharing with Empathic Building for Offices

Empower your Hybrid Workplaces

Desk sharing is the best way to organize your hybrid workplace while simultaneously cutting costs.

How to implement changes fast and easily for people? Give them visibility into and easy booking of available desks, rooms, phone booths, and co-working areas with the help of technology.

  • Balance business costs

    Maximize the efficiency of existing resources

    Desk sharing is a key to achieving the efficiency of the hybrid workplace. It helps to maximize the use of existing resources, resulting in great cost savings.

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  • Make changes empathically

    Introduce new policies with ease for people

    Introducing change is not easy. People can resist coming to office several days a week, sharing their desks and complying with clean desk policies. Speed up their adaptation to change by giving them all tools they need.

A person balancing business costs with Empathic Building for Offices
Introducing new policies easily with Empathic Building for Offices

Desk Sharing Enablers

Empathic Building for Offices is the central element in enabling desk sharing for people. It is the most intuitive and easy-to-use software for mass deployment on the market. Speed up the adaptation of people to new working policies, while keeping them happy.

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Zero-click & Two Click Booking

Find a free desk or phone booth and just sit in. Or open the app and book in 2 clicks. Now people will know its occupied.

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Desk & Room Capabilities

Show what each desk and room has. Save to favorites the desks and rooms you use often. Add room pictures or videos.

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Advanced Search Function

Find the free desk with two screens, spacious room for the meeting, your colleague, areas for focus or collaboration work.


Accurate, real-time, secure and GDPR-compliant technology for your hybrid workplace.

Digital Twin of your Office

• The most intuitive, fast, and scalable software interface
• Customize look and feel – make a theme for your own brand
• Communicate events, information, and zones to the whole organization

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Using Empathic Building for Offices on a laptop

Booking Engine

• Use with or without sensing devices
• Reserve on the go or pre-book for the future
• Integrate with existing systems
• Two-way enterprise calendar synchronization

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Empathic Building Booking Engine working on an iPhone

Sensing Devices

• Buy with a one-time purchase or use without ownership (Devices As a Service)
• Passive Infrared (PIR) person detection technology that only senses heat – privacy and GDPR compliant, no camera or personal data collection
• Completely wireless connectivity – outside your existing IT infrastructure
• Multiple applications, wide sensors selection, and expansion path for your digital workplace

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Table full of Haltian Sensing Devices
If company's office from the outside

We created an environment where teams can easily connect and work together effortlessly, while scaling from 15 000 square meters to roughly 9000 and reducing the number of desks from 650 to around 400 desks in Espoo alone.

Santtu Bergström Portfolio Manager in Facility Services

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