Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution, HITS, is the most easy-to-use, easy-to-scale asset tracking solution in the market.
Architecture for HITS brand 2024

Hardware blocks of HITS

Haltian NANO Tag on a table

World’s smallest smart asset tag

Haltian NANO Tag is the world’s smallest smart asset tag.

The NANO tag comes with up to five years of battery life and is ideal for indoor use cases.

Technical details

Haltian EH Locator on a table

Innovative energy harvesting locator

The Haltian Energy Harvesting (EH) locator makes asset tracking reliable.

The integrated solar panels harvest power from indoor light or sun power, enabling fast and inexpensive wireless installation.

Technical details

Haltian IoT Gateway on a table

Out of box cellular connectivity

Haltian IoT Gateway works straight out of the box with global cellular connectivity.

The solution is utilizing a reliable and self-healing Wirepas Mesh network, enabling a secure two-way data transmission.

Technical details


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Software of HITS

A man demonstrating the advanced location engine for HITS on a laptop computer

Advanced location engine

Haltian IoT Center and its advanced location engine provide up to 7 times more accurate positioning compared to typical RSSI positioning.

Our solution is readily available as SaaS, with an on-premise solution available for tailored needs.

Powerful data to streamline your business

Haltian IoT Studio is an easy-to-use iOS application for setting up the system, managing IoT devices, and seeing where your assets are.

Software agnostic

Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution can integrate with any 3rd party software, like ERPs, via Haltian IoT API.

Thorough solution walkthrough

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