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The modern workspace needs to offer the best possible working conditions for many different ways of working. At the same time, facility managers and company leaders are searching for ways to optimize office space usage.

To optimize your spaces without making any sacrifices to employee experience, you need to understand how and when your current spaces are used. In addition, hybrid working and hot-desking present new challenges on how to organize your office space and ensure a good flow of work in the office.

Having an accurate and reliable workplace utilization and occupancy system in place is a vital part of optimizing your office space as well as organizing hybrid work. Check Haltian Thingsee offering for occupancy monitoring!

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Occupancy and utilization monitoring with Haltian Thingsee

Haltian offers full occupancy, utilization, and people-counting solutions for smart facility management. Haltian Thingsee PRESENCE is a wireless IoT sensor for measuring people presence through your facility in real-time.

Thingsee PRESENCE is a small and conspicuous device that is easily installed under a desk, or in a room or phone booth, from where i detects movement and reports occupancy in real-time. With no configuration needed, Thingsee PRESENCE is ready for use out-of-box.

Thingsee presence sensor under the table, smart buildings and occupancy monitoring

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Haltian has developed an IoT solution to provide real-time information for optimized facility management operations. We simplify IoT in facility management by providing you with everything you need to collect data all the way from IoT hardware, global connectivity, and cloud solution to simple integration to your IoT data solution.

We offer a plug-and-play solution that works globally and scales to thousands of buildings with zero configuration needed!


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Haltian is a reliable and proven IoT hardware solution provider. We have helped many large, global companies to incorporate IoT into their operations in a scalable and cost-effective way. Our solution is the easiest to install, built to scale and always safe. Contact our experts now and find out how our solution could help you.