Monitor loading dock occupancy

Maximise utilization and reduce downtime with loading dock occupancy monitoring
Monitor loading dock occupancy with Haltian RADAR

Improved loading dock management

A loading dock is one of the most important areas of the warehouse to keep efficient, as it manages the inflow and outflow of goods, which is directly proportional to the warehouse’s profitability. 

Haltian RADAR sensor helps you manage loading docks more efficiently by providing data on the loading dock activity:

Optimized loading dock efficiency

Optimize loading dock efficiency

Understanding how loading docks are used is often overlooked in the tightly optimized logistics chain.

Occupancy monitoring at the loading dock allows alerting staff when a truck is present to facilitate fast load and unload times, resulting in better-optimized equipment use.


Maximise loading dock utilization with a sensor solution

Maximise utilization rates

The most expensive loading dock is an empty one.

Understanding the utilization rate of the docks allows you to proactively manage contract renewals/adjustments to avoid costly vacancies and ensuring revenue generation from your properties.

Loading dock management with iot solutions

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Misuse and equipment failures hinder revenue generation.

Using occupancy data to predict failures and damages allows you to address them proactively on a need basis.

Haltian RADAR enabled us to save 20% in maintenance costs.

Senior Director, in a Fortune 500 company

Haltian RADAR sensor

Uncompromised sensor for loading docks

Haltian RADAR is a weatherproof, impact- and vibration-resistant sensor designed for accurate and wireless data collection at loading docks.

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Haltian RADAR is part of the extensive Haltian Thingsee IoT portfolio, and is a new type of data collected to extend the existing solution. Our software-agnostic sensors aim to provide accurate and wireless data for your needs.

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Our wide catalog of products, including mesh-connected sensors, gateways with out-of-box global cellular connectivity, and a solution-as-a-service cloud, all under one solution, make IoT easy.

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