Measure actual office space utilization

Get office space utilization data and reports with a simple and intuitive tool. Measuring office utilization will enable you to rightsize your space.
Empathic Building - Measure office space utilization

Measure office utilization

Companies have up to 40% of excess office space post-pandemic

With new ways of working companies don’t need the same space. Companies have up to 40% of excess office space post-pandemic.

This can amount to millions of dollars, yearly. How much can your company reduce? And where?

Empathic Building for offices measures office utilization and provides office utilization data and reports. The office space utilization data comes from devices use-case specific for people counting and utilization monitoring.  This is anonymous yet accurate data on desk, meeting rooms, lockers, and many more.

Start rightsizing your office.


optimize space utilization

The way we work has changed. Are you adapting?

Adapt to new ways of working and support your employees in the return to office. Optimize office space based on detailed and anonymous data & reports. Step by step. Do not try to accomplish everything at one go. Let the data support your decision making.

Step 1


Review the data you have or get a solution that allows you to collect data on office space utilization.

Step 2


After collecting data on your office space utilization check which spaces are used the most and the least.

Step 3


Now redesign your office space layout to best suit your employees’ needs. This is a process so keep iterating.

Not sure how to start?

Or you don’t have the right data to make these changes?


Measure office utilization for data-driven rightsizing

Get utilization data and reports

Provide data on desks and rooms utilization data.

Benefit: Use data to adapt to new normal office and activity based working. Collect data on which spaces are popular and which are unpopular. Use that data to make decision on where and when to rightsize your space.

Utilization data from floorplan square

Utilization data from floorplan

Visualize occupancy of specific areas on the floorplan and learn which furniture are most and lea​st used.

Benefit: Spot from the floorplan which zones are used the most and in addition to optimize the least used, purchase more furniture and equipment from the most favorite activity-based areas.

Are you still uncertain how and where to start?

Read how a scalable data collection solution helps you start rightsizing your office.

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