Remote monitoring of commercial real estate

Remote monitoring of commercial real estate gives you data for energy savings and better operations.
Remote real estate monitoring for commercial real estate

Stay on top of your buildings

Remote real estate monitoring helps you keep track of the operations of your building. Catching problems before they become disasters, creating purposeful maintenance visits, and improving future planning help you manage your real estate portfolio. Combine that with the capability to gain significant energy savings, and you have a must-have solution in your hands.

Our remote real estate monitoring solutions work for warehouses, large retail stores, and shopping malls as well as for other commercial real estate.

How do we do it?

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Warehouses that have environmental monitoring, photographed from the sky

Save energy and achieve your ESG goals

You can start improving your energy efficiency by monitoring temperature.

A 1 °C degree decrease in temperature can save you up to 10% in heating bills!


Technical room monitoring systems

Secure building operations

Maintain your building operations with a technical room monitoring solution. Having real-time monitoring is vital for preventive maintenance.

For example, pump & HVAC equipment usage measurement, a leak detection system in the technical room, and pipe flow monitoring can help you prioritize maintenance activities and ensure your operations and business are running smoothly.

Loading docks that are monitored

Measure warehouse activity

Understand how your loading docks are utilised and how active your warehouses are. Having data from loading docks allows you to acknowledge the flow of goods and plan for maintenance.

With loading dock monitoring, you can also detect any misuse, so you know where to direct additional maintenance costs.

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Warehouse which has asset and inventory management

Know where and how many items you have

With asset and inventory management solutions, you know the real-time amount and location of items in your warehouse, and how utilized your shelves are.

Save the time of finding items. Asset tracking helps you track your items received and left, and also the location of your most important tools and equipment, such as lifting tools.

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How does it work?

The Thingsee solution for monitoring commercial real estate is software independent, extremely easily scalable and comes with global connectivity straight out of the box. Our solution is independent of any existing networks and is a comprehensive data collection solution for commercial real estate.

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Our wide catalogue of products, including mesh-connected sensors, gateways with out-of-box global cellular connectivity, and a solution-as-a-service cloud, all under one solution, make IoT easy.

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