Rightsize and optimize workplaces

Optimize the use and rightsize your office spaces with Haltian's secure utilization data and workplace analytics solution. Reduce energy consumption and achieve your sustainability and ESG targets as a result.
Rightsize your workplaces with Empathic Building for Offices. Visualize utilization rates at the office.

Validate decisions for space efficiency

Modern workplaces are dynamic and implementing changes to optimize their usage requires agreement from all stakeholders.

Utilization data plays a crucial role in validating and communicating your space decision. Create workplaces that are cost-effective, sustainable and functional for people.

How you can optimize your space

Up to 40% of space in an average office is not used at any given time. Measure utilization to determine office efficiency and reduce energy, achieving your sustainability and well-being goals.

Interested to know more?

  • Understand space usage

    Secure & accurate utilization measurement

    Modern offices are dynamic, with hybrid work and people needs continuously changing. It is challenging to know how people use the space and evaluate its efficiency. Sensor-based data can give you real-time, continuous and accurate picture of actual space use.

    The best way is to use GDPR compliant person detection technology that does not identify the person, like Haltian Thingsee sensors.

  • Validate & speed up space decisions

    Rightsize without guessing

    How much desks is enough for hybrid work setting? Do we have enough collaboration spaces? Do we need more focus areas? 

    Turn data into actionable insights with detailed reporting. Plan, communicate and implement space redesign decisions with ease and within days.

  • Balance sustainability & well-being

    Add value to each square foot per employee

    Catering for employee needs are crucial for successful shift to hybrid or flexible work. Use data and technology to rightsize office spaces, making sure people have everything they need for any activity at hand.

Understand space usage with Empathic Building for Offices
Two persons validating space decisions with Empathic Building
Personnel able to balance sustainability and well-being with Empathic Building

Steps to efficient workplaces

Haltian Workplace Reports offers you a path to making, communicating, and implementing challenging workplace decisions accurately and fast with the following steps.

Collect data with a desktop reports app by Empathic Building

Determine efficiency by collecting data and measuring utilization

review insights

Analyze and compare utilization rates between offices, desks, meeting rooms, and areas

Redesign and reduce with reports visible from a laptop and a mobile

Make safe and accurate space redesign decisions; test and get instant feedback


Accurate, real-time, secure, and GDPR-compliant technology for your workplace decisions.


Sensing Devices

• Buy with a one-time purchase or use without ownership (Devices As a Service)
• Passive Infrared (PIR) person detection technology that only senses heat – privacy and GDPR compliant, no camera or personal data collection
• Completely wireless connectivity – outside your existing IT infrastructure
• Multiple applications, wide sensor selection, and expansion path for your digital workplace

Read more: Haltian Thingsee Sensors

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Thingsee Sensing devices working together with Empathic Building for Offices

Full set up & connectivity

• Devices, connectivity, and cloud storage – all made and delivered by Haltian
• Outside your existing IT infrastructure for added security and reliability – you have full control over data
Installed by your team, or by us in days – the most scalable solution on the market

Read more: Haltian Thingsee Gateway

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Thingsee Gateway as a connectivity device for Empathic Building for Offices

Reporting & Digital Twin

• Redesign easily with the digital twin of the office
• Customize the data visualization and dashboards
• Combine and compare data (between floors, areas, or weeks & months)
• Integrate with existing software tools via API
• Data export
• Automatic data anonymization – secure & GDPR compliant

Read more: Haltian Workplace Reports

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Reporting done easily with multiple devices in Empathic Building for Offices
Telia logo at their office

We have gotten many benefits from Empathic Building but the biggest one for me as an office manager is the utilization reports: I can extract reports either from a longer period of time or see the status in real-time. With that data, I can look into how people are using our building.

Live Johansen Head of Office and FM, Telia

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