Smart hospital

Haltian smart hospital solution aims to reduce all small and big tasks which takes focus away from the patient to an absolute minimum and enable clinical personnel to concentrate on the patient.
Haltian smart hospital solution

Solving end-user problems

Concentrate on the patient

In the future, the health care system will not have enough hands to perform all the tasks they are assigned to. In hospitals, staff do a lot more than concentrating on the patient. It is required of them to find equipment, material, sometimes double-check or even redo a task that has already been done because the information is not available or reliable, especially in cases when human lives are at stake.

We aim to reduce all small and big tasks which takes focus away from the patient to an absolute minimum and enable clinical personnel to concentrate on the patient.

With Haltian Smart Hospital solution it is possible to know that a task has been done and when it is done. Also, with data such as utilization and occupancy, it is possible to assist in predicting future trends and support decision making based on facts.

This solution can be used to streamline operations in a hospital both in terms of patient flow, equipment and facility management.

Start your pilot and connect your employees to empathic spaces

With hospital pilot you can know how much a patient or examination rooms are in use. You can also measure temperature and indoor conditions of those rooms.

The equipment is delivered quickly by mail and it’s easy to set up. This pilot can be on-boarded remotely as it includes an online meeting for consulting and deployment of the solution.

Smart hospital solution use cases

Smart hospitals - make a digital twin of the hospital-sq

Make a digital twin of the hospital

Send us the drawings and we will make a 3D-model in no-time

Haltian smart buildings - find the way - wayfinding-sq

Find the way

Let the patient access the hospital remotely before the visit, planning how to get there, where to park, and where to go once there using phone or screens along the way.

Haltian smart buildings - Increase utilization of rooms-sq

Increase utilization of rooms

Using true-time occupancy data you can share the available space in the hospital-based on need.

Smart hospitals - Find medical equipment-sq

Find medical equipment

Using location data you can easily find and increase utilization of the medical equipment.

Smart hospitals - Avoid activity peaks-sq

Avoid activity peaks

Use the peoplecountingdata to understand the activity in the building and avoid activity peaks

Smart hospitals - Reduce hospital infections-sq

Reduce hospital infections

Know where the patient has been and in contact with who and what. Clean where it’s needed

Stop working blindfolded, but based on facts from utilization and locationdata

Smart hospitals - Create service tickets-sq

Create service tickets

Map and report tasks using servicetickets. All your collegues will know that the task is reported, and we will ensure that the ticket is sent to the right department.

Smart hospitals - Monitor temperature-sq

Monitor temperature

Ensure a good environment for your patients, visitors and employees by monitoring Temperature

Smart hospitals - Know which desks to clean and when-sq

Know which desks to clean and when

Know when the activity is high and cleaning of surfaces is needed by using desk occupancy sensors

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