Thingsee IoT device solution

Transform your building into the digital world with Thingsee IoT device solution. Get IoT connectivity, connected device ecosystem, IoT device management and edge applications management separately or as a solution.

Reliable and scalable data from your building

Haltian offers with Thingsee IoT device a cost-effective, modular, reliable, and flexible solution for smart buildings. Our Thingsee solution includes connectivity from device to device over Wirepas Massive and device to cloud over cellular or on-site LAN connectivity. All the devices and connectivity are managed through our own proprietary IoT device management. This will be the connection to your own business application.

Collect data on your building’s occupancy, visitors, air quality and environmental conditions. Get more visibility to your processes and actionable insights from data for activity-based working, space improvements, maintenance and optimization, room & desk booking and workplace analytics.

Added value of working with Haltian

  • Get a modular and agnostic service without heavy upfront costs
  • We take care of the technology so that you can focus on the business
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Setting up doesn’t disrupt employees’ daily life and operations
  • Lower total cost of ownership

The lowest total cost of ownership in the market

Thingsee IoT device solution is as simple as unpacking the devices and plugging in the gateway to the wall. For this to be possible we’ve partnered with the best technology companies and developed an efficient, scalable, reliable, and secure ecosystem. Our team is user-centric and that is visible when using our products as well as investment needed.

Every use case is specific but we have created a tool that can help you calculate the total cost of ownership for your project.

Thingsee ioT device pricing

Connected devices for buildings and IoT device management

Connected devices for buildings - Thingsee IoT device solution
Connected devices for buildings – Thingsee IoT device solution

Thingsee IoT device solution is a modular, agnostic & scalable solution. Chose each one individually or have them all.

Our Thingsee IoT devices and gateways come with connectivity. Our connected devices fit use cases such as occupancy monitoring, visitor counting, environmental monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring and fill level monitoring. Our connected gateways have global connectivity to suit global and scalable deployments.

Select Thingsee Operations Cloud if you need a layer for IoT device management; data-routing, compression, security, APIs, diagnostics, monitoring and FW updates. This integrates agnostically into your building’s business application and you can add any kind of hardware to it.

For us, the most important things were the reliable and flexible delivery and easy deployment. Together with Haltian IoT sensors, Steerpath can create a better user experience in smart offices with reliable IoT data.

Tuomas Ilola, CEO, Steerpath

Haltian sensors were first taken into use at Taitori’s own office and big customer installations have been made and are being made as we speak. Smart office technologies make the safe return to the office possible.

Perttu Ahvenainen, Partner & Head of Sales and Marketing, Taitori

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