Thingsee IoT Starter Kit

The Haltian Thingsee Starter Kit is an easy, convenient and cost-efficient way to test and pilot the Thingsee IoT solution.

The Starter Kit includes your choice of sensor devices from Thingsee, a gateway and 4G connectivity for 12 months. The whole setup is pre-configured and completely wireless, so it doesn’t require any changes to the existing IT infrastructure.

Getting started with Thingsee Starter Kit takes only a few steps. After placing the order, you’ll receive your package with your selected devices, accessories and user guides. 

Thingsee IoT devices are installed in a few minutes, and you will start seeing the data from sensors immediately. You will also receive MQTT certificates to import the collected data to your own application or system.

After the pilot, the starter-kit devices can be utilized for permanent deployment or returned to Haltian for recycling.

Thingsee Starter Kit includes a selection from our extensive IoT devices portfolio:
All devices in 1 place brand 2024

Example Starter Kit

Choose at least 10 devices, and you’ll get one Thingsee Gateway GLOBAL with 4G connectivity, support to get started and hosted cloud service including access to sensor data for a year.


Starting price



You can choose from the following Thingsee IoT sensor devices, at least 10 sensors:

Thingsee PRESENCE, Thingsee ENVIRONMENT & ENVIRONMENT RUGGED, Thingsee BEAM, Thingsee AIR, Thingsee COUNT, Thingsee LEAKAGE.

For ENVIRONMENT RUGGED and LEAKAGE RUGGED sensors, the minimum order quantity is 10 units altogether.

Read more about Thingsee IoT devices here.

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