Save energy and protect your building with the help of IoT

Optimize energy consumption and prevent the risk of major maintenance costs with Thingsee Winter IoT Kit
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The ongoing energy crisis in Europe has brought temperature monitoring in buildings to the front stage. As gas prices keep on getting higher, people are concerned about how to preserve energy without risking the buildings.

Optimize energy consumption and prevent the risk of major maintenance costs

When the cold weather season is coming and energy prices are estimated to hit a high record, environmental monitoring (incl. temp & humidity) can help the building users and owners to save money.

Building users want to save on energy costs by optimizing their heating. This means that only certain areas and buildings are heated according to their usage and need. Building owners on the other hand would like to ensure their buildings are well maintained during the crisis as well, and reasonable heating during the winter season is a part of that maintenance. Without heating, low temperature and high humidity can cause severe damage through frozen pipes or damaged building insulation and structures.  Combined with lowered air circulation due to HVAC units possibly turned off, the colder air and high relative humidity can cause a risk of mold in the facilities. Turned-off or radically lowered heating, or lessened use of HVAC units can also cause poor indoor air quality and an unpleasant working environment.

Monitoring the building’s health is good preparation for tough times, helping to avoid escalated debates between building users and owners. As a result, savings can be made without compromising the building’s health.

Thingsee Winter Kit — Efficient remote temperature monitoring with IoT

Haltian’s customers have realized the risks related to buildings that are left without any condition monitoring. Based on this demand, Haltian is delivering a complete out-of-the-box IoT sensor solution to collect data that make temperature monitoring in buildings easy for large corporations managing a large real estate portfolio.

The Thingsee Winter Kit has all the IoT devices needed for efficient, accurate, and cost-effective remote temperature and humidity monitoring.

Thingsee ENVIRONMENT IoT sensor installed with POWERCOVER accessory

The kit includes the wireless Thingsee ENVIRONMENT multipurpose sensor devices, paired with a Thingsee POWERCOVER accessory giving up to 10 years of battery life for the device. Thingsee ENVIRONMENT enables monitoring not only temperatures, but humidity, air pressure, and ambient light too! In addition to the sensor devices, the kit includes a Thingsee GATEWAY GLOBAL device for seamless and secure data transfer via a supplied global cellular connection.

The kit is made for large-scale installations it’s extremely easy and fast to deploy. The data from Thingsee IoT sensors is then easily integrated into any data analytics, dashboard, or facility management solution via standard cloud interfaces.

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