Workplace Reports

Build functional and healthy workplaces with Haltian's secure occupancy data and workplace reports software solution. Reduce the energy consumption and achieve your sustainability goals as a result.

Optimize space management and air quality of your workplace

Get the key occupancy data and measure the true office utilization. Fastest to deploy, privacy-safe, and with a flexible setup, Workplace Reports solution kit gives you the guarantee of making 100% more accurate decisions about your space and assets.

Occupancy and air quality sensors for real-time data collection, coupled with the granular reporting software, represent the essential toolkit for modern flexible office space management. With Workplace Reports, you can create cost-effective, sustainable and functional workplaces for people.

Ensure the operational success of flexible workplaces

• Know exactly how people use the space and decide what to change with custom data dashboards
• Maximize the usage of your assets and right-size workplaces to fit people’s needs
Reduce operational costs and total cost of ownership of your real estate


Build healthy and energy-efficient workplaces

• Identify HVAC faults, negotiate changes & maintenance fast with data to back you up
• Elevate your office compliance with WELL and other green building standards
Ensure healthy and comfortable working conditions to attract and retain people in offices



Guaranteed scalability of your digital workplace ecosystem

• Anonymous data collection sensors (no cameras) and reporting software – all-in-one package
• Integrate with existing workplace management systems via API or data export
• Expansion possibility to energy efficiency, smart cleaning, and employee experience solutions


For me as an office manager, utilization reports are of the biggest benefit: I can extract data reports either from a longer period of time or see the status in real-time. With that data, I can look into how people are using our building.

Live Johansen , Head of Office and FM, Telia

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Secure & anonymous occupancy data collection

Privacy-safe technology that detects occupancy based on body heat – no cameras or personal data collection

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Real-time & historic workplace reports

Analyze and compare utilization and air quality between office buildings, floors, zones, desks, meeting rooms

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Optimization of workplace operations & design

Identify peak utilization times to adjust workplace operations, optimize your office space design, and energy usage

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