Benefits of having your IoT solutions under one vendor: Haltian videos with Wirepas, part three

IoT solutions

In the third part of Haltian videos with Wirepas, Adrian Canales and Jani Vehkalahti discuss how businesses get started with IoT, and the benefits of having just one, full-stack IoT solution vendor for all your use cases.

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Businesses are using IoT solutions at a fast-growing speed, and Haltian has been a rising demand for easy-to-use and scalable IoT solutions in many different business sectors from facility management to factories and other maintenance industries. Very often, companies have begun their IoT journey looking at one use case at the time, using multiple IoT vendors and service providers for different projects and as a result, they have IoT solutions that don’t communicate and cannot be easily scaled.

With Haltian IoT and Wirepas Massive connectivity, many IoT use cases can be combined to the same network, making the received IoT data more enriched, more reliable and the solution more scalable. Get to know Haltian IoT solutions and devices here.

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